Genmitsu GS-775MR 24V 20,000 RPM Spindle with Collet Holder Installed + Motor Noise Suppression, for 3018 Series

Brand: SainSmart 7 reviews SKU: 101-63-MR775 Variants ID: 32496575348815
  • DC: 24V. Speed: 20000/min. Experience a quick and easy upgrade for your Genmitsu Desktop CNC.
  • Pre-installed motor noise suppression PCB provides enhanced performance.
  • It's compatible with Genmitsu 3018 Series CNC router.
  • Double ball bearing brush. CW/CCW rotation.
  • Ease Installation: With the collet holder installed, you don’t need to spend hours in installing the collet holder. Have a quick swap of the OEM Spindle.


If you are looking for a power source replacement motor for power tools, electric equipments and other DIY toys, please check this 775 motor.

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Genmitsu GS-775MR CNC Motor

  • Experience a quick and easy upgrade for your Genmitsu Desktop CNC. The GS-775M motor fits all Genmitsu 3018 series CNC router machine: 3018/3018-PRO/3018-MX3/3018-PROVer. Easy Installation for a quick swap of the OEM Spindle. This motor with higher speed for you to do more engraving work efficiently.
  • Wiring: Red lead connects to the positive pole, and the black lead connects to the negative pole. If the wiring is reversed, the motor will rotate in the opposite direction.
  • Overload: Keep the motor is within the specified load range as far as possible. Don't block the motor or keep it run in a stalled status for a long time. Otherwise, the motor will burn out.


  • Rated Voltage: DC 24V
  • No-Load Speed: 20000 RPM
  • Motor Size: 43 x 68 mm (D*L)
  • Double Ball Bearing Brush
  • CW/CCW Rotation

Low Noise

Built-in a noise suppression board, the motor produces less noise during working than other normal motors, enhancing performance.

High Speed

The motor speed is 24V 20000 RPM, which is 10000 RPM higher than the original CNC spindle motor. You can do much more engraving and drilling work with this great motor.


The motor is suitable for desktop drilling machines, desktop milling machines, CNC router machines, cotton candy machines, small lathes, precision machine battery vehicles, toy cars, etc.

  • Spindle Motor: GS-775M
  • Pre-Installed Motor Noise Suppression board
  • Spindle RPM: 24V 20,000
  • High Speed – Low Noise
  • Double Ball Bearing Brush
  • CW/CCW Rotation
  • Collet Holer Installed Already
Using your 775 Spindle Motor

One of the key attractions of this upgraded spindle is the ability to turn at 20,000 RPM. What you may find the first time you try to utilize the spindle at it's maximum speed is that it will not turn properly.

Please do not be alarmed. What is happening is that the current being drawn when the spindle tries to go from 0 to 20,000 RPM is more than the 5A power supply that came with your CNC can provide for that moment of peak power draw.

That being said, if you ease the spindle into the maximum RPM, everything works without issue. How we suggest you do this is by replacing your spindle speed command with a few extra lines of code which brings your spindle up to full speed over the course of a second. In order for this code below to work, make sure to set $30=10000 in your console. This sets the maximum spindle speed in your firmware.

So S10000 M3 is replaced with:



G4 P.25



G4 P.25



G4 P.25



An alternative is to replace the stock power supply with one having greater current capacity (24V 8-10A), but that may burn out the controller with an abrupt 100% speed command.

However, a larger power supply should provide more cutting power from the GS-775M spindle, but the power-up sequence shown above is still recommended. 


What's in the package

1x Genmitsu GS-775M CNC Spindle Motor with Collet Holder Installed

1x ER11 Collet (5mm)


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Gwynn H.
United Kingdom United Kingdom
Spindle upgrade

Very good. Fantastic customer service. I had a small issue and Dia from SainSmart helped me to get everything sorted. They followed up after. Fully recommend SainSmart.

John G.
United States United States
Happy customer

The new spindle performs as advertised. I increased my feed rate and decreased my run times.

Larry R.
United States United States
20,000 rpm spindle

Hooked it up andnever could get it to run. It would try to start and then shut everything down. ?

Stephen B.
United Kingdom United Kingdom
New motor

Overall the motor works really well - would definitely questions the title of noise suppression it even louder than the stock at 10000

Hoan N.
United States United States
Good Motor

The motor works well and is not too noisy. It easily replaces the stock 10,000 RPM motor of the 3018. The only reason for the 4 stars and not 5 is because this spindle has a known issue with too much power draw (if using the stock controller board). It basically shuts down and resets the controller. There is a work around that can be added to the GCode to start the spindle up slowly, but that is also a hassle. With that said, I also purchased the Woodpecker controller board (also from SainSmart) and with that connected to this spindle, it does not shut down and can handle the power draw effectively.

Wayne H.
United States United States
GS-775M 20K RPM Spindle

It is much faster and enables much cleaner cuts with the right bit. I noticed the difference immediately upon installation. Buying this spindle is money well spent. And the installation is very simple.

United States United States
Nice Compact motor

The motor seems to be doing well. Not sure if it is lower noise level. I never metered my old one. Gets the job done