Brand: Genmitsu SKU: 101-63-L8-LMW40

40W Laser Module For L8 Laser Engraver Machine

SKU: 101-63-L8-LMW40 Variants ID: 41194035085391
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  • Upgrade Your Cutting Ability: Elevate your L8 20W machine with the Genmitsu L8 40W Laser Module. This drop-in upgrade offers effortless replacement, ensuring hassle-free enhancement for maximum cutting efficiency.
  • Powerful 40W Optical Output: Experience the unparalleled power of the Genmitsu L8 40W Laser Module, delivering over 40W of optical power. Cut through materials like 20mm Pinewood and 12mm black acrylic effortlessly in a single pass!
  • Efficient Focus Adjustment: Enjoy flexibility with 3mm, 8mm, and 18mm adjustment levels, allowing easy adaptation to various material thicknesses.
  • Safety and Monitoring: Integrated features such as airflow detection, lens detection, fire detection, and a power indicator bar provide intuitive monitoring for a safer work environment.
  • Compatibility Notice: Please note that this laser module is specifically designed for Genmitsu L8 engraving machines. Ensure compatibility before purchase to maximize performance and functionality.
Genmitsu MD18 Rotary Roller | SainSmart
Genmitsu MD18 Rotary Roller | SainSmart

Three Focal Presets

Three preset focal lengths streamline focus adjustment, saving time for focal and take your time for create stunning works in different materials.

Genmitsu MD18 Rotary Roller | SainSmart

10,000 hours Lifespan

With an average laser service time exceeding 10,000 hours, the Genmitsu L8 40W Laser Module ensures durability and consistent performance. Regular maintenance prolongs the lifespan of your module and maintains your L8 in optimal working condition.

Genmitsu MD18 Rotary Roller | SainSmart

Clear Notice Light

The LED front panel provides clear visibility and control over operations. Features like the power indicator bar, air detection, and flame detection offer comprehensive monitoring for enhanced safety and efficiency during operation.


Feature Description
Optical Output 40W
Focus Adjustment Levels 3mm, 8mm, 18mm
Airflow Detection Yes
Lens Detection Yes
Fire Detection Yes
Power Indicator Bar Yes
Compatibility Genmitsu L8 Laser engraver machines

What's in the box


  • 1x 40W Laser Module
  • 1x Cable


1. What materials can this laser module cut through?

The Genmitsu L8 40W Laser Module can cut through various materials, including:

  • 20mm Pinewood (single pass)
  • 12mm black acrylic (single pass)

2. How do I adjust the laser focus for different material thicknesses?

This module offers 3 focus adjustment levels: 3mm, 8mm, and 18mm. Simply select the appropriate setting based on your material thickness for optimal cutting performance.

3. Does this laser module work with other engraving machines?

No. This module is specifically designed for Genmitsu L8 engraving machines. Using it with incompatible machines might affect performance and compromise safety.