Brand: Genmitsu SKU: 101-60-LC50P-AJ

Jinsoku LC-50 Plus 10W Compressed FAC Laser Engraver Cutter

SKU: 101-60-LC50P-AJ Variants ID: 40277982969935

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  • Air Pump Kit & 10W Laser Head
  • All Metal Structure
  • High Accuracy and Speed
  • X&Y-axis Tensioner
  • Easy to Operate

Shipping: Orders for the US, Canada, UK, and Europe are estimated to start shipping from mid-December. Delivery before Christmas holidays.


Integrated with an Air Assist Nozzle & Air Pump, the LC50 Plus laser engraver can enhance cutting by blowing residual smoke away from the workpiece for increased laser power and efficiency. At a speed up to 20000mm/min, the laser engraving machine is capable of cutting up to 10mm basswood plywood & 5mm acrylic with one pass.


Model LC-50 LC-40 LC40 10W
Work Size: 500*400mm*72mm+extra(35mm) 400*400mm 400*400mm
Laser 10W Compressed FAC 5W 10W
Drive System: Belt+Liner guide Belt+Liner guide Belt+Liner guide
Firmware: GRBL 1.1f GRBL&Self firmware GRBL&Self firmware
Air assist YES No No
Emergency Stop Switch YES No No
Seemi Assembly YES(5 Parts) Yes Yes
Protection Shield YES YES YES
Limit Switch X Y Axis X Y Axis X Y Axis
Structure All Aluminium Aluminium alloy profile Aluminium alloy profile
Max. moving speed 20,000mm/min 10,200mm/min 10,200mm/min
Laser Rotary Roller FLRR X40-LRR X40-LRR
Offline Controller APP Control APP Control