Brand: SainSmart SKU: 101-10-RCP500

Micsig RCP500 Rogowski AC Current Probe, 300KHz, with Standard BNC Interface

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The RCP500 Rogowski AC Current Probe measures AC current up to 500A pk, minimum to 200mA pk, with bandwidth ranging from 15Hz to 300KHz, 1% accuracy, and has less than 2mV noise.

It adopts the Rogowski coil current measurement system: within the range, the output signal of the system and the current signal to be measured are always linear, so the accuracy will not change with the current.

The Rogowski coil does not contain ferromagnetic materials, and no magnetic core and saturation phenomenon, no trouble with heating. And the phase difference between the output signal and the current waveform is extremely low, and can be less than 0.8°.

The RCP500 is compactly designed with an exquisite appearance, suitable for Micsig UPI multifunction probe interface, when used with some Micsig new oscilloscope, no need for an extra battery or power supply. It can also be used with a Micsig PA05 adapter to adapt to any other manufacturer's oscilloscope.

The AC current probes can measure current signals with complex waveforms, such as transient inrush currents of power devices, sinusoidal currents of three-phase power supply systems, harmonic components of measured currents, and current measurement of IGBTs and MOSFETs, etc.