Brand: Genmitsu SKU: 101-63-4030V2-ZC69

4030V2 φ69mm Spindle Holder for CNC Spindle or Trimmer Router of PROVerXL 4030V2

SKU: 101-63-4030V2-ZC69 Variants ID: 40933935644751

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  • Quick Upgrade: Specifically designed for the PROVerXL 4030 V2 CNC machine, this spindle holder is tailored to accommodate CNC spindle motors or trimmer routers with a diameter of 69mm, offering you a wider range of power options.
  • Enhanced Performance: It provides increased stability, reduced noise and smoother cuts for your CNC products on a variety of materials, including wood and metal.
  • High Quality Materials: Made from precision-machined aluminum, this spindle mount is crafted for optimal rigidity and durability.
  • Fast Switching: Easily replace the stock carriage by removing just 4 screws.
  • Dimensions: The spindle mount has an outside dimension of 110 x 90 x 35mm, with a 69mm diameter.
   69mm diameter spindle mount for PORVer XL 4030 V2


Perfect fit for the Genmitsu PROVerXL 4030 V2 CNC Router. Now you can harness the power of a 69mm spindle like the Dewalt DWP611, etc. for your CNC projects.


High Quality

Made of precision machined aluminum, guaranteeing exceptional durability, longevity, and resistance against wear and tear.


Hassle-Free Setup

Quick swap of just 4 screws after removing the stock carriage.