8-channel 12V USB Relay Module

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  • 8 SPDT relays SRD-12VDC-SL-C
  • Relay specification: 10A 250VAC/10A 125VAC/10A 30VDC /10A 28VDC
  • Power Supply - 12 VDC
  • Current consumption - 300 mA
  • FT245RL. Datasheet (http://www.ftdichip.com/)
  • Led for each relay output
  • Power Led
  • USb led
  • Size - 93mm / 70mm / 16mm
  • Windows software examples: VB6, BCB6, VB.NET 2010 Express, C++.NET 2010 Express
  • PCB parameters: FR4 / 1.5mm / two layers / metalized holes / HAL / white stamp / solder mask
  • Extra PCB openings for better voltage isolation
  • Doubled high current tracks

    Supply Characteristics:





    Recommend voltage




    Voltage limits

    Including ripple



    Nominal input current

    Voltage 12VDC



    Power dissipated

    When all relays are ON




    Against reverse polarity




    Relay output:

    Type     12V-T73-USB
    Relay type     T73
    Relay outputs count     8
    Contact type     NO, NC
    Current consumption 12VDC mA 30
    Switching parameters
    125 VAC / 28 VDC
    250 VAC


    DOCUMENT : Download Link


    • When the board is connected to the PC and the PC is restarted, the relays will be toggled several times. This is because of the structure of the FTDI chip.
    • The device must be supplied with 12 VDC or order to work.
    • There is no protection against reversed voltage! If the VCC(+12V) and GND are reversed the board will be damaged!
    • The board can not work without computer


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        Quite nice, but could be even better

        Seems to be quite well-built; looking forward to see how long it's gonna last in my test setup for doing power cycle tests of embedded devices. Use of standard components (FT245RL) makes it easy to control from Linux. There a two drawbacks that could be addressed in future revisions or products: 1. Like hinted at in the description, the relays glitch during boot-up. This happens even with a USB power supply instead of the PC, so it's not a driver issue. Using an additional latch may help. 2. The board looks like it would fit a DIN rail case nicely, it even has the connectors placed appropriately. Unfortunately it barely does NOT fit: the two connector rows are a few millimeters too wide apart. Having USB and power supply on the sides would have been acceptable (though not perfect), but the 93mm are about the size of the case itself make it impossible to fit. It's good enough for my own test setup, but because of these two issues I can't recommend it to my customers. Their test equipment is mounted on DIN rails and the relays may be wired in ways where glitches may cause short-circuits.

        Great Great

        The relay arrived in good condition and it's very well-built. I did some basic test on it, and so far no problem with it. I am searching some example code for it, but didn't have much luck. I contacted the support, and they gave me a link, where includes windows software examples. I really like this relay.