Linear Stage Actuator with Nema17 Stepper Motor for CNC Router

brand: SainSmart SKU: 101-80-124 Variants ID: 8672525516910
  • Effective travel length: 100mm (300mm); Balls crew type: sfu1605; Stepper motor: Nema17.
  • High precision, heavy load resistance; Horizontal maximum load capacity: 20kg, 50mm per second. Vertical maximum load capacity: 10kg, 50mm per second.
  • Repeat positioning accuracy of ± 0.03mm; Level balls crew: c7.
  • Beads screw for movement structural elements executed. With high precision, high efficiency, long life, low coefficient of friction, versatility, etc.
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Travel Length

Effective Travel Length: 100mm (300mm)

Total length: 258mm (458mm)

Type: linear system module

Balls crew type: sfu1605 (diameter: 16mm, pitch of screw: 5mm)

Level balls crew: c7

Stepper motor: 42mm stepper motor

Step angle: 1.8 degree

Torque: 0.45N.M

Motor size: 42*47mm

Horizontal load: <20KG

Vertical load: <10KG

Speed: 0-50mm/s

Repeat positioning accuracy of ± 0.03mm

There are 4 M6 nuts on the moving block to fix the workpiece, suitable for 42/57mm stepping motor


Red: A+
Blue: A-
Black: B+
Green: B-


1x SFU1605 Linear Guide Rail with Nema17 Stepper Motor