DSO202 2-CH Handheld Mini Digital Oscilloscope, Touchscreen

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Color Display

The bright color display presents any measured AC current, including sine, square, sawtooth, and triangle waveforms.  

Simple to Use

Operation is simple and easy, using taps and swipes much like any smartphone.


Its small form factor conveniently fits inside any pocket so it’s always ready when you need it.

Easy Saving

The built-in 8 MB flash storage makes saving and transferring waveform images easier than ever.


The DSO202 Mini Digital Handheld Oscilloscope is a staple to any electronics toolkit.  Its 2-channel functionality makes it ideal for most experimental, maintenance, and engineering projects.  Housed inside a durable shell with an aluminum alloy finish, the DSO202 is sleek, compact, and incredibly powerful for its size.


DSO Series: 

Model DSO Nano (DSO211) DSO Note II (DSO202) DSO 212 DSO Quad (DSO203)
ADC MCU internal ADC MCU internal ADC MCU internal ADC AD9288
Channels Analog channel 1 + 1 internal channel 2 analog 2 analog 2 analog, 2 digital
Analog Bandwidth 200KHz 1MHz 1MHz 8MHz
Max Sample Rate 1MSa/s 10MSa/s 10MSa/s 72MSa/s
Maximum Memory Depth 8K 8K 8K 4K
Horizontal Sensitivity 1uS/Div~2S/Div(1-2-5sequence step) 1uS/Div~2S/Div(1-2-5sequence step) 1uS/Div~2S/Div(1-2-5sequence step) 0.1uS/Div~1S/Div(1-2-5sequence step)
Vertical Sensitivity 20mv/Div~10V/Div(1-2-5sequence step) 20mv/Div~10V/Div(1-2-5sequence step) 20mv/Div~10V/Div(1-2-5sequence step) 50mv/Div~10V/Div(1-2-5sequence step)
Input Resistance 1MΩ 1MΩ 1MΩ 1MΩ
Coupling DC / AC DC / AC DC / AC DC / AC
Calculation Waveforms -A, RecA, A + RecA -A,-B,A+B,A-B RecA,RecB,RecC -A,-B,A+B,A-B RecA,RecB,RecC -A,-B,A+B,A-B RecA,RecB,RecC
Storage  8MB USB flash disk memory  8MB USB flash disk memory  8MB USB flash disk memory  8MB USB flash disk memory
APP Installed 1 2 2 4
Operation buttons button,touch area buttons,scrollers buttons,scrollers
USB Interface Micro USB Micro USB Micro USB Mini USB
Battery 500mAh 500mAh 500mAh 1000mAh
Screen Size 2.8inch 2.8inch 2.8inch 3.0inch
Screen Resolution 320 × 240 320 × 240 320 × 240 400 × 240
Open Source Application layer Open-Source
  • Model: DS202
  • MCU: STM32F303VC
  • ADC: MCU internal ADC
  • Channels: 2 Analog channels +1 Operation channel
  • Analog Bandwidth: 1MHz
  • Max Sample Rate: 10MSa/s
  • Max Sample Memory Depth: 8K
  • Horizontal sensitivity: 1uS/Div~2S/Div(1-2-5 sequence step)
  • Vertical Sensitivity: 20mv/Div~10V/Div(1-2-5 sequence step)
  • Analog Input Impedance: 1MΩ
  • Coupling: DC/AC
  • Trigger Mode: Ascend/Descend Edge Trigger Mode
  • Math Waveforms: -A, -B, A+B, A-B, RecA, RecB, RecC
  • Inbuilt Signal Generator: Sine/Square/Triangle/Sawtooth wave
  • Synchronous Mode: Auto, Normal, Single, None, Scan value/average
  • Storage: 8MB USB flash disk memory
  • APP installed: 2
  • Operation: Button, Capacitive Touch Screen
  • USB port: Micro USB
  • Battery : 500mAh
  • Screen Size: 2.8"
  • Screen Resolution: 320×240
  • Dimension: 100mmX56.5mmX10.7mm
  • Weight(with Battery): 90g
  • Open Source: Application layer Open-Source
  • Certifications: CE/FCC



  • Operating Conditions:    +0°C to +50°C
  • Non-operating Conditions: -20°C to +60°C



  • Operating Conditions:High Temperature:40°C to 50°C ,0% to 60%RH
  • Operating Conditions:Low  Temperature:0° C to 40°C ,10% to 90%RH
  • Non-operating Conditions:High Temperature:40°C to 60°C ,5% to 60%RH
  • Non-operating Conditions:Low  Temperature:0° C to 40°C ,5% to 90%RH



  • Use appropriate power cord. Please use a dedicated power cord which has been certified in your country/region
  • Connect & disconnect properly. Do not plug/unplug when the probe or the test lead is connected to the voltage source. Before you plug/unplug current probes, please disconnect power to the circuit under test.
  • Observe all terminal ratings. To reduce the risk of fire, electric shock and device damage, please do not measure signals at DC40V or above. Please read the User Manual carefully to learn more about ratings before connection.
  • Do not operate in a humid environment.
  • Do not operate in a potentially inflammable/explosive atmosphere.
  • Please keep the surface of the product clean & dry.




  • 1x Oscilloscope
  • 1x MCX Probe
  • 1x English User Manual
  • 1x USB Cable
  • 1x Hex Key