SainSmart LM3886TF Amplifier AMP+Power Supply Rectifier Filter Completed AUDIO Board Kit

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LM3886 is a single channel high-performance Stereo power amplifier IC produced by National Semiconductor Corporation(NS).The maximum continuous output power is up to 60W.From the Introduction till now,it's widely loved by vast audio fans. This power amplifier adopts power board & amplifier board Independent design,for the amplifier part,each channel shares one circuit board,every set includes one power board & 2 single channel power amplifier boards. The power amplifier board can be used parallel connection. All the components on the board are carefully selected,4*10000uF/50V Mini NOVER AUDIO gold capacitors as filter capacitors,35A large current rectifieer bridge,can ensure the powerboard long-term full load working.Other capacitors choose WIMA, Philips,Nichicon,NC, etc. famous brand capacitors.1% copper pin film resistors. The PCB board adopts double side circuit board, blue boars,reasonable layout design,looks beautiful & generous.


Technology Parameters :

  • Power board demision: 109mm X 71mm X 38mm (Length X Width X Height)
  • Power Amplifier board: 61mm X 37mm(Length X Width)
  • Heat sink Demision: 140mm X 81mm X 44mm(L X W X H)
  • Power supply transformer voltage suggested: AC dual 20~28V 200W
  • Substrate thickness:6mm
  • Weight:0.48kg/piece