Magneticuits Intermediate Kit for Children Gift DIY Learning Kit Super Fun!

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  • 1) Magneticuits Intermediate Kit is an electronics building blocks kit based on analog ,and is suitable for kids to learn as well as everyone to understand physical principle and programming
  • 2) Including 14 building blocks, which are divided into 4 types â€?power, input, output and converter, respectively "wearing" 4 different colors, so you can pick up the right block instantly
  • 3) Simple and direct pin-hole connection generates various phenomena; no need of any electronic fundamentals, so you can easily feel the charm of the physical world
  • 4) Coming with an easy-to-understand user manual, providing details about each block and its application; you can make your own sketches and let your creativity go wild.
  • 5) With 4 magnets at the back of each block, so you can put it on any iron surface such as blackboard, refrigerator shell, etc.; supports 2 supply modes â€?either by 9V battery or via a USB cable (each through the particular power block)