Mini FM Transmitter Module 88MHZ-108MHZ Mini Bug Wiretap Dictagraph Interceptor

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Products will be on-board the voices around microphones convert FM radio signal launch out, realize the pickup and wireless call FM launches, product launch frequency adjustable, core board green elements for adjustable capacitors, adjustable capacitance to change the transmission frequency, Adjustable range covering 68-108MHZ GB FM segment.You can use the radio and mobile phone as a receiver!!!Products are widely used in pick up voice transmission, audio MIC, the elderly and children sleep and sounds, and so on need to pick one's place!

  • Wide working voltage: 0.7V ~ 9V. Suitable for any battery.
  • Product launch signal pure, spurious signal suppression to 60dBC!See the product pictures from the 96.5MHZ within 50 MHZ bandwidth is very clean, the actual signal as the chart (test with the most professional 3.6 GHz radio frequency spectrum analyzer)
  • Has a very low power consumption, 0.7V working current 0.9mA, only use a single number 5 dry cell 1.5V power supply, current 4.2mA, only if you use a capacity of 3000 mah 5 nickel metal hydride rechargeable batteries, can work continuously 3000/4.2 = 29.76 days!Nearly a month!
  • Adjustable frequency, the adjusting range covers 68-108 MHZ, actual width in this frequency greatly, through the adjustable capacitance, with non-inductive screwdriver adjustment.
  • The product all adopt the SMT components, stable and reliable performance, good consistency of product, overcome the conventional plug-in device pins distribution parameters of the problem, all adopt the patch welding machine, solid and reliable, and general DIY manual welding is absolutely!
  • Mini, portable and hidden, etc.

Product parameters:

  • Operating voltage: 0.7V - 9V
  • Frequency adjustment range: 68-108MHZ
  • Transmission Distance: 9V work when using the 70cm antenna conductors do, open the local firing range 50-100 meters, the actual look at the environment

Relations Working voltage (volts) and supply current (mA) and transmit power (dBm) is as follows:

  • 9V, 24mA, 10.2dBm (that is, 11 mW)
  • 8V, 21 mA, 9.5dBm
  • 7V, 19mA, 8.5dBm
  • 6V, 17mA, 7.1dBm
  • 5V, 14mA, 6.1dBm (about 5 mW)
  • 4V, 12mA, 4.5dBm
  • 3V, 9mA, 2.2dBm
  • 2V, 6mA, -1dBm (about 1 milliwatt)
  • 1.5V, 4.2mA, -4dBm (about 0.5 mW, the average family environment launch sufficient, small green radiation!)
  • 1V, 2.4mA, -9dBm
  • 0.7V, 0.9mA, -20dBm (that is 0.01 mW)

Core board on the back marked with +, -, and ANT, representing the power cathode, anode and the antenna terminal antennas are generally 0.7 m long welding a short wire can be very easy!
Package list:

  • 1 x Mini FM transmitter(not contain battery,Battery clip, antenna,etc)