MPPT TRACER 3215RN Solar Charge Controller 30A 12V 24V EP

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Why we recommend buy MPPT Solar Controller?

How solar works

Solar charge controllers are now being considered as a very important installation that you have to opt for whether you are trying to produce electricity from solar energy.

Solar charge controllers do the job of increasing your solar energy battery storage life pretty efficiently along with regulating and compensating for the different charging voltage and current from the solar panel to the solar battery.

Mainly the solar panels produce electricity from the solar energy which comprehensively depends on the time of the day and the amount of solar energy deflected upon the solar panels. That is why the charging current which flows from the solar panel to battery, changes time to time and for regulating this changeable current to keep the battery at its optimum charge level along with the provision to elongate the battery service life, one solar charge controller device is must.

Amongst a number of different solar charge controller currently available in the market, MPPT tracer 3215RN can be considered as one of the most efficient charge controlling devices.

MPPT Tracer charge controller has been equipped with Maximum PowerPoint Tracking charging feature which comprisingly regulates the charging procurements for your solar energy storage battery with much more efficiency than any other solar regulator device. This feature stuffed MPPT tracer 3215RN solar charge controller can exert huge beneficial improvements to your solar panel installations as this particular chare controller can compensate for almost 30% more yielding power production which means that you get to produce the same amount of electrical energy with using almost 30% less solar panel deflecting area.

Some extraordinary features that has to be stated for this MPPT Tracer 3215RN charge controller:

  • An extremely efficient thermal design for this particular solar charge controller device is truly an amazing feature as it aggravates natural cooling provisions on its own. Here in this case, air is being used as the cooling medium and compensates for higher operating temperatures as well.
  • Helped with temperature compensation feature, this MPPT Tracer solar chare control device can be accumulated for 4 stage battery charging modes that make this device a highly efficient one.
  • Fastest sweep ratio for the I—V curve along with MPPT output parameters is hugely beneficial.
  • Imposed the peak conversion rate of 97% and tracking efficiency as high as 99% with several pulse seconds of tracking make this solar charge controller a true companion for all your load regulating incursions.


  •  Model No: Tracer-3215RN
  • Nominal System Voltage: 12VDC | 24VDC Auto work
  • Rated Battery Current: 30A
  • Maximum Battery Voltage: 32V
  • Max. Solar Input Voltage: 150VDC
  • Max. PV input power: 12V/ 390W 24V /780W
  • Self-consumption: <10mA(24V)
  • Charge Circuit Voltage Drop: <=0.26V
  • Discharge Circuit Voltage Drop: <=0.15V
  • Communication: TTL232 / 8pin RJ45

Environmental Parameter:

  • Working temperature: -35 to +55 C
  • Storage temperature: -35 to +80 C
  • Humidity: 10%-90% NC
  • Enclosure: IP30

Mechanical Parameter:

  • Dimension: 242 x 169 x 91 / mm
  • Mounting holes: 180 x 160 / mm
  • Mounting hole size: ?5
  • Terminal: 25mm² 
  • Weight: 2.05kg