New OWON ODP3032 Programmable DC power supply 0-30V 0-3A series 60V paraller

brand: OWON SKU: 200-010-3032 Variants ID: 45100035860

  • 3.9 inch high resolution ( 480 x 320 pixels) TFT large LCD display,can clear visual display state and a plurality of relevant parameters 1mV/1mA 
  • Two separate controllable output 0V ~ 30V / 3A,A fixed output 5V / 3A, total output of high power 195W
  • Three channel output and electrical isolation,greatly reduce circuit interference
  • Low ripple and noise of pure power:(<300 uVrms / 2 mVpp) 
  • Output resolution :
  • Internal implementation independent, parallel, series , positive-negative four kinds of work modes and automatic tracking ×270mm(W)
  • Overcurrent and overvoltage protection function,Can easily set up the overvoltage and overcurrent protection parameters,effectively protect the load
  • Call and storage system parameter setting function,Can be set up to 30 sets of data
  • With USB2.0, RS232 serial digital communication transmission function,Support U disk data storage
  • Timing output function ( arbitrary wave power ):Supports up to 1000 time setting and Unlimited / designated cycle number output,Reality output waveform
  • Constant voltage and current automatic conversion function
  • Output ON / OFF control,convenient and practical
  • Demension:340mm(L)×155mm(H)
  • Weight:4.9kg 



Channel1&Channel 2

5V Fixed

Voltage output

0 ~ 30V(parallel,independent)

0~60V (series)

30V ~30V (positive-negative)


Current output

0 ~3A(independent,series,positive-negative)

0 ~6A(parallel)


Adjust the rate of power supply(CV)

�/strong>0.1% + 3mA


Adjust the rate of power supply(CC)

�/strong>0.1% + 3mA


Adjust the rate of Load(CV)




Adjust the rate of Load(CC)

�/strong>0.2% + 3mA


Noise & Ripple(CV)



Noise & Ripple(CC)



Voltage display resolution /Precision(V)

1mV ; ≤Â?/strong>1%rdg+2digits