P6300 300MHz Oscilloscope Probe

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Model: P6300

Attenuation Ratio: x10

Input Resistance(MΩ): 10

Input Capacitance(pF): 13.5

Compensation Range(pF): 10-35

Brandwidth(MHz): 300

Rise time(ns): 1.15

Working Voltage(Vp-p): 600

Net Weight(g): 73.5

Cable Length(cm):130

Operating Temp.(?):-10-+50

Non-operating Temp.(?):-20-+75

Humidity: �5% Relative Humidity

Operating Instruction

These high passive impedance probes are designed  and calibrated for use on any oscilloscope that has an input impedance of 1 MΩ and whose input capacity is within the compensation range (refer to the specifications.) When connecting the probe, please connect it to the oscilloscope before testing signals. When disconnecting the probe, first disconnect the probe tip form the test signal. In the process of test, make sure that alligator clip can be grounded reliably.

Low-frequency Compensation Adjustment

Low frequency response can be matched to the oscilloscope by adjusting the compesation trimmer on the head of the probe.
1. Connect the probe to the oscilloscope and to a 1KHz square waveform source.
2. Let the oscilloscope display a stable waveform.
3. Carefullly adjust the trimmer tool to botain the flat test tops to the square waves displayed on the oscilloscope