PIC 16F87X Microcontroller Development Board

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1?PIC 16F87X  Development board 2 consists of : 
2?8 indicator LEDS
3?ICD2 Header connector for programming / Debugging with Microchips ICD2
4?16x2 LCD Character display
5?6 Seven segment display
6?RS232 Serial communication port
7?16 button matrix Keypad
8?Stepp motor slot
9?4 push buttons
10?Infrared reception
11?DB9 connector and RS232 Transeiver (for serial Comms)
12?I2C Serial EEprom 24c01B - dipswitch used for write enable and setting device address (on supported eeproms)
13? 2 pin sockect for main Osc (4MHz resonator -Default) allows for easy changing of the main Osc frequency.  Provion for loading caps if using a crystal.
15?Reset switch

16?Uncommited PIC I/O ports - So the PIC's I/O lines may be connected to any of the onboard modules or external circuits


  • 4*4 Matrix keyboard â€?to test password lock and other items.
  • Buzzer voice/PWM output experiment â€?to practice normal voice, music and PWM output sound.
  • 5-way independent key-press–for easy various key-press input experiments.
  • RS-232 communication for connection with a PC or any other device with a DB9 connector
  • Infrared remote-control receiver â€?to practice infrared remote-control decoding and all kinds of infrared remote control.
  • All I / O output to facilitate expansion
  • IIC (I2C) communication â€?to read/write 24CXX series chips with hardware IIC or software IIC directly.
  • SPI communication–to read/write EEPROM of 93CXX with hardware SPI or software analog SPI,to select 8-bit or 16-bit read/write method through jumper.
  • Clock selection â€?jumper for switch between various oscillation modes, to replace crystal vibration of different frequency as required by development of product.
  • DS18B20 digital temperature sensor â€?1-wire bus communication, wide range for temperature measurement, high accuracy and sensitivity
  • Stepper motor driver circuit
  • Simulation debugging interface â€?to directly connect ICD1/ICD2/MCD1/MCD2 and carry out on-line simulation for on-board chips and resources
  • On-board power module â€?can connect to the polarity of external AC or DC power supply optionally, voltage range 7-12V
  • mcu/mpu reset key
  • 1-way A/D converter signal input.

  • 8-way independent LED
  • 1602-character LCD–internal 5*7 lattices, to display 16*2-character.
  • 6-bit 7-segment digital tube â€?to realize dynamic or static display experiment of digital tube, to display clock,temperature or to make counter.

Package list:

  • MCD-DEMO2--PIC 16F87X Microcontroller Development Boar
  • Power supply(110-240 AC TO 9V DC)
  • Serial Cable
  • 16F877A Chip  
  • 1602 LCD with backlight
  • CD-ROM (Development PCB Layout,Development Board Schematic,Sample code (C / ASM) for each onboard module, MPLAB 7.50 .)