Pure Morning PM-P5B Air Quality Monitor, PM2.5 Dust Haze Measuring Sensor with Bluetooth

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SainSmart PM-P5B is a air quality monitor that helps you monitoring your living environment. Built with high quality G5ST sensor, SainSmart PM-P5B can measuring the haze concentration, temperature and humidity. It aslo controlled by APP via bluetooth. It is very convenient to use.




  • With bluetooth. You can controll and read the data via your cell phone app.
  • Easy to use. Powered via USB cable by powerbank, car charger etc. 
  • Lightweight, convenient to take with you. It is designed in a mini size, which makes it possible to carry to anywhere.
  • Widely used in the household. It can help us monitor how your purifier works.Large LCD display, easy to read the data.





  • Sensor Model: Plantower G5
  • Power supply: 5V mirco USB
  • Shell material: Arcylic
  • Measuring method: Laser scattering
  • Size: 80mm x 60mm x 37mm



Pack List:

1x SainSmart PM-P5B Air Quality Monitor