RJ45 Ethernet Control Board for 8/16-Ch Relays

brand: SainSmart SKU: 101-70-C03

This is an Ethernet Controller board based on Imatic system which could be compatible with the 16 Channels relay. Using the Controller module and the 16 Channels relay, you could control up to 16 devices remotely on LAN or WAN.

The Ethernet Controller board has integrated the web server, When you are on your office, you just need to open the page on your computer, pad or smartphone, and then control your devices like lights, air-conditioning or refrigerator on your home. Just look the picture below. You can feel free to enjoy the remote controlling of your other devices with the sainsmart Ethernet Controller board.

NOTE: Mac address can not be changed.

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  • Control switches remotely together with 16 Channel relay!
  • RJ45 interface, via RJ45 telecommunications connection for network control.
  • Support for 16 Channels relay which means you could control more to 16 different devices at the same time.
  • Unique dual TCP connect the control, corresponding with above trait, local as TCP server
  • Accept client control, when connecting to a remote server as a TCP client
  • Supply core module detailed information
  • Default IP:  port:30000           (You could change the default IP address)

HTTP comment: : Relay-01 OFF : Relay-01 ON : Relay-02 OFF : Relay-02 ON : Relay-03 OFF : Relay-03 ON : Relay-16 OFF : Relay-16 ON : Enter Exit Next Page Next Page


  • 1 X SainSmart Ethernet Control Module LAN WAN WEB Server Control RJ45 Port Work With Relay
  • 1 X SainSmart 16 Channel Relay