SainSmart 17-DOF Biped Humanoid

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  • A 17DOF Humanoid Biped robot frame kit includes all brackets and holders, assembly required
  • Hard aluminum frame, sturdy and stylish
  • Uses M3 screws and nuts to fix the separate parts


  • High:320mm
  • Width:215mm
  • Weight:1.65KG
  • Collective materials: ultra-light hard aluminum alloy, hardened surface treatment and strengthen the structural design
  • Degree of freedom DOF
  • Head: 2DOF
  • Shoulder: 2DOF
  • Arm: 2DOF per arm
  • Legs: 4DOF per leg
  • Foot: 1DOF per foot

Robot control system:

  • 32 channels steering servo drive control panel
  • Graphical online programming software
  • Servo parameters:360°Digital Actuator
  • Size: 40x20x40.5
  • Weight: 64±1g

Package list:
1x Robot full set of metal brackets
Several metal screws
Several Gasket

Installation tutorial:

Note: The SainSmart 17DOF frame kit DOES NOT contain SR-319 servos/ PS2 handle set/drive board/USB cable. This frame kit is compatible with SR-319 servos ONLY.

If you want to buy the whole robot kit, please click here "17DOF Biped Robotics Humanoid Robot with Servo & Controller".