DDS Function Signal Generator Module DIY Kit

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Function (waveform) signal generator. Can produce some specific periodic time function waveform (sine, square, triangle, sawtooth, and pulse wave, etc.) signal, the frequency range from a few Hz to tens of MHz micro-function signal generator circuit experiments and equipment detection of a very wide range of applications.

  • The UP output waveform select
  • The DOWN output waveform select
  • LEFT output frequency -
  • RIGHT output frequency +
  • STOP / RUN the output stop / start
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  • Operating voltage: DC7V-9V
  • Size: 100*80mm (Length*width)
  • Template thickness: 2mm
  • DDS frequency range: 1HZ-65534Hz.
  • High-speed frequency (HS) Square wave: 1MHz/2MHz/4MHz/8MHz
  • DDS signal amplitude of the offset amount can be adjusted separately by two potentiometers
  • DDS signals: sine wave, square wave, sawtooth, reverse sawtooth, triangle wave, ECG wave and noise wave
  • 1602 LCD screen
  • Intuitive 5 keyboard.
  • Section into the value: 1,10,100,1000,10000 Hz
  • The power automatically restores the last used configuration
  • Offset: 0.5pp-5Vpp
  • Amplitude amount: 0.5Vpp-14Vpp
  • Output Impedance: 20-200 ohms


1 x DDS Function Signal Generator Module