Brand: SainSmart SKU: 101-40-164

[Discontinued] SainSmart Function Expansion Board for Raspberry Pi

SKU: 101-40-164 Variants ID: 45101022676


This expansion board is an full-function with blue PCB board, it has been adjusted the alignment and layout, and it support a fixed mini bread board for easier DIY, and it has added the positioning hole.


  1. Can perfectly compatible with Raspberry Pi.
  2. Support the 3.3V SPI interface converted to a common 5V SPI interface (can switch 3.3V back by P13 jumper).
  3. Support the 3.3V I2C interface converted to a common 5V I2C interface (can switch 3.3V back by P13 jumper).
  4. GPIO using chip driven, supports 8-channel 50V, 600mA high voltage and high current drive, which means you can directly connect the motor, stepper motor, drive LED, etc. (which is essential for cars, robots, smart home and remote control).
  5. The chip is using the socket mode, convenient replacement after accidentally burned.
  6. This board has added LED power light.
  7. The fuse is used by external power supply, so it can better protect your expansion board and raspberry pi.

Package included:

  • 1x Raspberry Pi expansion board