Sampo LX1330B Pocket Handheld Precision Digital 200000 Lux Meter Photometer Luxmeter Peak Hold Function

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The newly released Digital Illuminance Meter LX1330B is a lux meter with wide measuring range and lots of nice features. A lux meter is used for checking the level of illuminance, the light falling on a surface, It is defined as: 'the density of the luminous flux incident on a surface'. It is the quotient of the luminous flux by the area of the surface when the latter is uniformly illuminated.. This convenient gadget is widely used in many areas such as construction, inspection, photography, greenhouse gardening and etc
The LX1330B can measure from 0 up to 200,000 lux, you can switch the units between lux and footcandle by simply pressing a button. It's powered by a 9V battery, which last for 200 hours or even longer. Other nice features include data hold, auto zero and more.

The Model LX1330B can be measured with two illuminance scales Lux and FC
1 footcandle = 10.76391 lux

Foot-candle (sometimes foot candle; abbreviated fc, lm/ft², or sometimes ft-c) . The unit is defined as the amount of illumination the inside surface of a 1-foot radius sphere would be receiving if there were a uniform point source of one candela in the exact center of the sphere. Alternatively, it can be defined as the illuminance on a 1-square foot surface of which there is a uniformly distributed flux of one lumen. This can be thought of as the amount of light that actually falls on a given surface. The foot-candle is equal to one lumen per square foot.


    High Accuracy and rapid response
    Auto Zeroing
    Over-range indication
    Unit and Sign display for easy reading
    Data Hold
    Low power consumption
    Short rise and fall time


    Display: 3-1/2 digit 18mm LCD
    Power: 9V battery
    Ranges: 0-200/2,000/20,000/200,000 Lux
    ±3% ±10 digits (0-20,000 lux)
    ±5% ±10 digits (over 20,000 Lux)
    Repeatability: ±2%
    Temperature Characteristic: ±0.1%C
    Photo detector type: Silicon Photo Diode with Filter
    Operating temperature: 32-104 degrees F (0-40 degrees C)
    Sampling rate: 2-3 times per second
    Battery life: 200 hours (estimate)
    Dimensions: 149 x 71 x 41 mm
    Photo Detector Dimensions: 100 x 60 x 28 mm

Installing the Battery:
Please take the meter out of the Orange rubber cradle. The battery should be put in the back of the meter.

Package Includes:
    1x Luxmeter LX1330B,
    1x Carrying case,
    1x 9V battery,
    1x User manual.