Brand: XpertMatic

XpertMatic DB-366 127GPH 7W Dual Outlet Adjustable Aquarium Air Pump

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Powerful Aquarium Air Pump with Dual Outlets

The 127GPH fish tank bubbler could provide dissolving airflow to keep your pets and plants healthy. With dual outlets, it could provide oxygen to 2 fish tanks, or provide up to 4 fish tanks by DIY.

Ultra Quiet

Runs less than 35 dB(Sounds like a whisper), you can place the fish tank air pump in your bedroom aquarium. Designed with 4 anti-slip rubber pads, it won’t slide around and won’t make a vibrating noise.

Adjustable Air Flow Rate

You can spin the control knob to adjust the airflow rate according to your fish tank size, the amount of fish and your needs. The dinosaur egg outlook makes the pump stylish.

Wide Compatibility

Fits for 10-90 gallons of fish tanks and aquarium. Suitable for both fresh and marine aquariums.

Comes with All The Accessories You Need

Includes 2 check values, 2 airline tubings, 2 T connectors, and 2 air stones to satisfy all your needs. Easy to install.

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XperMatic Ease of Use Ultra Quiet Aquarium Air Pump

XperMatic aquarium air pump runs quietly without scaring your pets, and it provides a clean and healthy living environment for them.

The aquarium air pump is used to provide oxygen from the air into the water by disturbing the surface of the water as well as keeping the water circulating. Good oxygen circulation is good for fish.

Fits for all the 10-90 gallons fish tanks and aquariums!

Anti-slip Pads Keeps It Quiet

There are 4 anti-slip pads that keep it in minimal noise and maximum and steady airflow. When the air pump runs in vibrations will not make it move to other places.

How to Install the Aquarium Air Pump?

Step 1. Connect the airline tubing to the outlets of the aquarium air pump.

Step 2. Connect the airline tubing to air stones.

Step 3. Place the aquarium air pump near the top of the fish tank.

Tips: If you placed the aquarium air pump lower than the tank water level, such as on the ground or table. Please install a check valve to the airline tubing to prevent water flow back to the aquarium air pump. And the output direction of the check valve should point to the air exit direction.


Model: DB-366

Voltage: 120V/60Hz

Watts: 7W

Output: Up to 127GPH (2*4.0L/min)

Pressure: 2*0.016MPa(4.64psi)

Noise: <35dB

Product Weight: 0.7kg (1.5 lbs)

Airline Tubing Length: 1m (3.3ft)

Dimensions: 173x122x81mm (6.8x4.8x3.2 in)


1 x Aquarium Air Pump

2 x Aquarium Air Stones

2 x Airline Tubings (3.3ft Each)

2 x Air Pump Check Valves

2 x T-valves Connectors

1 x User Manual