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XpertMatic Quiet 2-3 Stages Aquarium Filter

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15W Up to 70 Gallon
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Ultra Quiet: This filter supplies oxygen and creates an aquarium water cycle, providing a healthy living environment for your lovely pets such as fish and turtle. With a noise level of less than 35dB, it’s perfect for use in bedroom aquariums.

Wide Application: As an affordable entry-level product in the XpertMatic water filter series, it’s easy on the wallet but still delivers the performance you need to keep your aquarium clean and healthy.



XpertMatic aquarium internal filter combines filtration, oxygen supply, and water circulation all in one convenient package. It features 2-3 stages of biological filtration that effectively capture impurities and purify the water, ensuring a healthy and clean environment for your aquatic pets. Plus, with a noise level of less than 35dB, the XpertMatic Aquarium Internal Filter won’t scare your pets or disrupt your quiet working environment.



2-3 Stages of Biological Cotton

This filter is equipped with 2 stages filtration which not only prevents juvenile fish and shrimps from being sucked into the filter, but also provides effective water flow, reduces clogging, and achieves long-term filtration. In addition, the filter cartridge can be filled with other filter materials as you need.


Extensive Expansibility

This internal filter can be used as a submersible pump that effectively promotes the continuous circulation of water in the tank.

Easy to clean & assemble

Easy to disassemble without tools needed. You can use 1-2 filter boxes according to the height of the aquarium. Besides, you can customize the media to show your personality easily.

Air Bubbles Amount Adjustable

Rotate the cover of the airline to the gap, you can get a large number of air bubbles. While rotating to close it, you will get a small number of air bubbles.

Water Flow Direction Adjustable

You can move the water outlet nozzle up and down to adjust the water flow direction.


It runs quietly(<35dB) without scaring your pets, and provides a healthy living environment for them. 



1. Make sure the air inlet of the air tubing is higher than the filter.

2. When you use the filter as a submersible water pump, please remove the air tubing.


1 x Aquarium Internal Filter (Carbon Included)

1 x Aquarium Airline Tubing

1 x Nozzle


SainSmart Aquarium Filter Sponge, 3 Pack Biochemical Cotton Replacement Sponge

  • Compatible Replacement: Sized at 2.5” x 2.9”, each piece of the SainSmart Aquarium Filters Biochemical Cotton Replacement Sponge is designed to seamlessly replace worn-out filters in Sainsmart Aquarium Filters and other brands with the appropriate size.
  • Simple Installation: Simply remove the old foam and replace it with the new foam for a perfect fit every time. Enjoy hassle-free maintenance with this easy-to-use replacement sponge.
  • Effective Filtration: Enjoy triple-stage biological cotton filtration that prevents juvenile fish and shrimp from getting sucked into the filter, maintains water flow, reduces clogging, and ensures long-term filtration.
  • What's in the box: Sponge x 3