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XpertMatic Replacement Blades with Nano Blue Coating

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Why Choose XpertMatic Blades? The XpertMatic blade is made of ultra-fine 0.2μm tungsten steel. And it is the only one with nano blue coating. The coating enables the blade's cutting edge to retain sharpness and hardness, which provides a long service life and produces a good cutting result.

What’s Included: 40pcs cutting blades in total. Including 20 pcs 45° five point blades (with red caps) , 10 pcs 60° deep cut blades ( with blue caps), and 10 pcs 30° shallow cut blades (with yellow caps).

Wide Compatibility: The replacement lettering blades are perfectly compatible with Cricut Explore Air 2/Air/Maker/Expression, and other vinyl cutter machines.

Wide Applications: Suitable for cutting media up to 0.25mm thickness. The 45° blades are suitable for standard media like Vinyl. The 30° blades are suitable for thin media like window tint. The 60° blades are suitable for thick media like fabrics.

Safe and Easy Storage: The cutting blades are covered with rubber caps to avoid scratching your fingers, please remove the rubber cap before use. Moreover, the lettering blades are packaged in boxes for neat storage and avoid loss.

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High Quality
The XpertMatic blade is made of ultra-fine 0.2μm tungsten steel that can keep continuous machining for 800 minutes.

Easy to Cut Various Materials:
The 45° five-point blades are designed to cut standard media like Vinyl, glitter paper, stickers, foiled cardstock, adhesive foil, and poster board.
The 30° shallow cut blades are designed to cut thin media like window tint, window film, rice paper, bonded fabric, and fabric with an iron-on backer.
The 60° deep cut blades are designed to cut thick media like fabrics, cardboard, thick cardstock, magnet, stamp material, stiffened felt, chipboard, and foam sheets.

Wide Application:
These cutting blades are compatible with Cricut Explore Air 2/Air/Maker/ Expression, Roland, Refine, Rabbit(HX), Redsail(RS), Yinhe(YH), Ruijie(RJ), etc.

1. Please remove the red/blue/yellow rubber protective cap before use. The cutting edge is covered by the protective cap.
2. The blades must be manually adjusted to set the cutting length according to different types of cutting materials.
3. After setting the appropriate cutting depth, please test the cutting effect before use.
4. Please keep the blade away from children under 3 years old.

Blade Length: 24mm±1mm (0.94'')
Blade Diameter:2mm (0.08'')
Material: Tungsten Steel
Coating: Nano Blue Coating

Package Includes:

5 x 30°Blades (Yellow Cap)
10 x 45°Blades (Red Cap)
5 x 60°Blades (Blue Cap)

10 x 30°Blades (Yellow Cap)
20 x 45°Blades (Red Cap)
10 x 60°Blades (Blue Cap)