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Glow-in-the-dark, Luminous Green, Flexible TPU Filament 1.75mm 1kg/2.2lb
Brand: SainSmart SKU: 101-90-540GID

Glow-in-the-dark, Luminous Green, Flexible TPU Filament 1.75mm 1kg/2.2lb

SKU: 101-90-540GID 2 reviews Variants ID: 32534386344015
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SainSmart TPU filaments are featured by flexibility and elasticity, which provide reliable and high quality prints. Now we add a new feature, glow in the dark!

  • [Flexible and High strength] 95A hardness is simlar to an o-ring. High abrasion resistance and low compression compared to rubber
  • [Resistant to chemicals] resist to oil, grease and etc. Duarable performance even in chemical harsh environment.
  • [Easy to print] Excellent adhesion on heat bed, not neccessary for extra adhesion like tape. Compatible with most Prusa i3 3D printers in market. With bowden extruder needs to print slowly.
  • [Glow in the dark] Close to transparent in day time, glows in green in dark.
  • [Great for end-use parts or models] Can be used to print as functional parts or standalong prototypes. Like RC parts, case, or engineer design prototypes.

Here is the new member of SainSmart TPU filament family, Luminous TPU.

It's as flexible as other TPU, but comes with a new cool feature, glowing in the dark

Flexible filament allows for repeated movement or impact without cracking
SainSmart TPU filament has been widely used from prototyping parts to making toys.

It's also a great choice to make cool Halloween stuffs!




  • Material: Rep-Flex TPU - Vacuumed Sealed with desiccant
  • Shore Hardness: 95A
  • Weight:  Net Weight 1KG
  • Diameter: 1.75mm (+/- 0.05mm)
  • Roundness: 1.75mm (+/- 0.03mm)
  • Recommended extruder temperature:195 - 230°C
  • Recommended platform temperature: 40 - 60°C


  • Recommended for printers with direct drive extruder, 0.4~0.8mm Nozzles.
  • With bowden extruder you might pay more attention to these tips:
  1.  Print slow 15-30 mm/s Printing speed
  2.  First layer settings. (Height 100% Width 150% speed 50% e.g.)
  3.  Retraction disabled. This would reduce messy, stringing or oozing printing result.
  4.  Increase Multiplier(Optional). set to 1.1 would help the filament bond well.
  5.  Cooling fan on after first layer.



Print setting on MK2

Printing TPU video



1x SainSmart TPU Flexible Filament 1.75mm 1kg/2.2lb (vacuum sealed)