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I have worked with CNC machines for many years, usually large format laser and specialty multi-axis cutting machines. After a number of years away from the machines, and watching the cost and performance of entry-level machines grow, I decided to get a machine to refresh some of those skills and make some high-quality toys and furniture for my kids.



After much review, the Genmitsu PROVerXL4030 was by far the best value on the market - solid construction, easily extended and modified, and a complete all-in-one package with great community and manufacturer support.



After getting the PROVerXL 4030, I made a set of wooden planets for my son, who loves all things space; routed and then laser detailed.



My daughter loves horses, so we decided to build her a wooden toy barn using the milling and laser-cutting capabilities on the PROVerXL 1010 extension kit. Really happy with the performance and value of the 1010 extension kit for working with wood materials. I am looking at buying a second 4030 to do more detailed laser work now.



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Hi, I bought this CNC ProVerXL 4030 router to use it plastics and aluminum sheets for my project, but I just used one time to make a sample program coming with the machine,
Now I communicate with customer service to know how I load my personal project but got no help, they pay attention only to seal me more stuff, I don’t used for 15 month, can anyone send me information how to load a drawing to the machine, what kind of software I can use, is DXF files can be acceptable, I have Auto Cad drawing, thank you so much

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