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Jinsoku Z4 5W Lightweight Galvo Laser Machine, Entry-level, APP Control, Advance Magnetic Base

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Z4 Laser Machine

Entry-level: Looking for a budget-friendly entry-level laser engraver and cutter? If  compatibility with a range of materials, even anodized aluminum is on your wish list, check out the Jinsoku Z4. It's portable, easy-to-use, super fast, and perfect for starters.  Choose and engrave your design easily through your phone in just moments.

Multiple Fail Safe Protections: Safety is always a top priority. Using built-in object and motion detection, the Z4, can automatically detect the status of the engraving process and will stop immediately if the machine is picked up, accidentally tilted, or if you put your hand under the laser during engraving.

Compact and Lightweight: Weighing in at less than 1.5lbs , the Z4 is portable and easy to carry for a wide range of applications. Combined with a power bank and your phone for designs, your Z4 lets you take creativity on the go for engraving anywhere at any time.

Advanced Magnetic Base: Z4 series is equipped with an innovative magnetic UV shield base with exhaust is perfect for accurate handheld engraving. As the height of the base matches the laser focal length, it's perfect for hassle-free handheld engraving of large objects.

Easy Focus: The manual height adjustment stand (sold separately) comes in handy when dealing with small objects of different heights. Using the focusing stick and indicator light, you can easily find the optimal height that yields the best results.


On-the-go laser engraver

Jinsoku Z4 equipped with a 5W fixed focus blue laser in its compact body. Also with a handle, just pick up like an iron on top of the object you want to carve, and you can start carving.

Create with fewer limits

The Jinsoku Z4 is compatible with Bluetooth and USB connection and supports a wide range of input file formats. So you can transfer your designs easily between the device and a computer or smartphone smoothly and conveniently.

One-click Preview & Start

Engraving and cutting are more precise and hassle-free thanks to the preview mode of the Z4. The preview is not limited to just the approximate area either, you can clearly preview the graph with one simple click. Set your pattern to the best spot and press start. Your design is created exactly as shown in the preview.
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Jinsoku Z3

Jinsoku Z4
Material High Strength Anodized Aluminum High Strength Anodized Aluminum
Laser Focus Automatic Focusing Automatic Focusing
Laser Head 450nm Blue Laser 450nm Blue Laser
Laser Power 5W 5W
Connecting Inter faces Bluetooth 5.0 Dual Mode Adapter, Type-C Port for PC
User Manual
Bluetooth 5.0 Dual Mode Adapter, Type-C Port for PC
User Manual
Operating Systems Mobile: Android & iOS.
Desktop: Windows & MacOS
Mobile: Android & iOS.
Desktop: Windows & MacOS
Power Supply 12V/5A, Portable Charger 12V/5A, Portable Charger
Power Consumption 0.89A(Standby) 2.2A(Engraving) 0.89A(Standby) 2.2A(Engraving)
Cooling Forced Air Cooling Forced Air Cooling
Laser Service Time >10000H >10000H
Engraving Area 8cm×8cm (3.14"×3.14") 5cm×5cm (1.97"×1.97")
Engraving Accuracy 0.05mm 0.05mm
Engraving Speed 600mm/s (1417"/min) 600mm/s (1417"/min)
Engravable Materials Paper, Wood, Bamboo, Cloth, Acrylic, Plastic, Leather, Bread, Fruit, Glass, Ceramic Paper, Wood, Bamboo, Cloth, Acrylic, Plastic, Leather, Bread, Fruit, Glass, Ceramic
Cuttable Materials Paper, Wood, Bamboo, Leather Paper, Wood, Bamboo, Leather
Support OS Windows/IOS/MAC/Android Windows/IOS/MAC/Android
Laser Unit Size 21×13×22cm (8.27"×5.12"×8.66") 11.4×7.6×15.3cm (4.49"×2.99"×6.02")
Package Size 35*25*14cm (13.78"×9.84"×5.51") 37.5×22×16.5cm (14.76"×8.66"×6.5")
Machine Weight 1.9KG 0.68KG