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XpertMatic 5-in-1 PH Meter, PH TDS EC SALT TEMP Water Tester, Long-Term PH Monitoring, Wi-Fi Remote Control, for Aquarium, Hydroponics, Lab, and Pool

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  • Versatile 5-in-1 Precision Testing: Meet all your water testing needs with a single device. This pH meter combines PH, TDS, EC, SALT, and TEMP measurements, providing comprehensive insights for aquariums, hydroponics, pools, gardens, and drinking water.
  • Long-Term Monitoring with Power Supply: Enjoy continuous monitoring of pH levels with the added convenience of a reliable power supply. This ensures that you can keep a close eye on your water parameters without worrying about battery replacements.
  • Wifi App Function for Remote Control: Take control of your testing experience from anywhere with the Wifi App function. Access real-time data remotely, allowing you to monitor and adjust water conditions even when you're not physically present.
  • Warning Alert Function for Aquarium Safety: Receive timely alerts to prevent potential issues in your aquarium. The warning alert function adds an extra layer of protection, notifying you of any fluctuations or abnormalities in the water parameters.
  • Digital Precision with Quick Results: Navigate testing effortlessly with the digital LED display, offering clear and accurate readings. Benefit from exceptional accuracy with a precision of ±0.03, and experience swift response times between 2-5 seconds, providing you with reliable results for confident decision-making.

SainSmart 5-in-1 PH Meter: Master Your Water, Everywhere

Crystal-clear aquariums teeming with life, vibrant gardens bursting with blooms, and refreshing pools sparkling under the sun. The SainSmart 5-in-1 PH Meter makes it all possible, empowering you to confidently manage your water environments, wherever you are.


Unleash the Power of 5:

  • pH, TDS, EC, Salt, Temp: No need for multiple testers. This meter does it all, providing a complete picture of your water's health.
  • Aquariums: Ensure pristine conditions for your finned friends with precise monitoring and timely alerts.
  • Hydroponics: Unlock optimal plant growth by fine-tuning key water parameters for thriving gardens.
  • Pools & Gardens: Maintain the perfect balance for sparkling pools and flourishing flora.
  • Drinking Water: Gain peace of mind with accurate pH readings for safe and refreshing hydration.


Beyond Basic Testing:

  • Continuous Monitoring: Forget battery woes! The included power supply lets you track water quality 24/7.
  • Remote Command Center: The Wi-Fi app puts you in control. View data, adjust settings, and receive alerts, all from your smartphone.
  • Aquarium Guardian: Rest assured with real-time warnings for potential issues, allowing you to intervene before harm occurs.
  • Fast & Accurate: Get reliable results in seconds with ±0.03 precision and a clear, backlit LED display.


Invest in the SainSmart 5-in-1 PH Meter and experience the freedom of effortless water management. Take control, gain insights, and create thriving environments – all at your fingertips.