Brand: SainSmart SKU: 101-92-SRS31-A

3-in-1 850W Soldering Station, Soldering Iron, Hot Air Gun, Smoke Absorber with LED Light Rework Station Kit, Digital LED Display, Auto Sleep and Cooling Mode, °C/°F Conversion

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  • Versatile 3-in-1 Functionality: SainSmart 850W Soldering Rework Station combines a hot air gun, soldering iron, and smoke absorber in one kit, offering a comprehensive solution for various soldering and reworking needs.
  • Integrated Smoke Absorption Area: Ensure a clean and safe working environment with the integrated smoking absorption area, protecting users from fumes generated during soldering and hot air reworking. Adjustable air power and built-in LED illumination enhance precision and visibility.
  • Rapid Heat-Up, High Accuracy: Experience efficient and precise soldering and rework with rapid heat-up capabilities. The temperature range of 150~450℃ heats up to maximum in just 6 seconds, providing quick access to the desired temperature for optimal soldering and reworking results.
  • Intelligent Auto Sleep and Cooling Mode: Enhance safety and energy efficiency with the intelligent auto sleep and cooling mode. The soldering iron enters sleep mode after 3 minutes of inactivity, while the hot air gun cools automatically when placed back on the stand, extending tool life and reducing power consumption.
  • ESD Safe for Component Protection: Our product prioritizes safety with robust electrostatic discharge (ESD) protection, ensuring the safeguarding of sensitive electronic components from potential damage.

Powerful and Versatile

The hot wind gun heats up in just 6 seconds and offers a temperature range of 150~450℃ for efficient soldering, paint stripping, and more with professional-grade performance.

Rapid Heat-Up, High Accuracy

Experience efficient and precise soldering with rapid heat-up capabilities. The temperature range of 150~450℃, providing quick access to the desired temperature for optimal soldering.

Smoke-Free Precision Work

Craft without smoke and pollution using the built-in smoke absorber. This feature ensures a clean working environment, allowing for precise work without the distraction of fumes.

Versatile Hot Air Gun Tips:

The hot air gun comes equipped with multiple tips of various sizes, catering to diverse usage scenarios. This versatility empowers you to tackle a wide range of projects with ease.


Replaceable Smoking Cartridges:

Easily maintain a clean workspace by replacing smoking cartridges at the right time according to your usage.


Product Name 3-in-1 Soldering Rework Station
Voltage AC 110-240V
Temperature Range 150-450℃
Air Volume 1.8CMM (m³/min)
Power 850W (Fan 50W + Soldering Iron 100W + Heat Gun 700W)
Fan Centrifugal Brushless Motor
Product Size 150 x 240 x 85 mm
Gross Weight 2.4kg