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4th Axis CNC Rotary Module Kit for 4040-PRO, 3030-PROVer MAX

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4th Axis Module
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The Genmitsu 4th Axis Rotary Module Kit is an innovative upgrade that allows your CNC router to carve from different angles and positions or with the right software, full 3D rotary carving. With its high-torque NEMA17 Planetary Geared Stepper Motor, 10:1 reduction ratio, and precise control capabilities, the kit enables the creation of complex parts with curved or angled features that are not achievable with a traditional 3-axis CNC machine. This drop-in upgrade opens up a world of possibilities for CNC enthusiasts looking to expand their capabilities and create more intricate shapes and contours in a workpiece.

To use the 4th axis, G-code must be sent using an offline controller, which should be ordered together with the 4th axis for proper functionality.

For the 4040-PRO, 4040-PRO MAX and 4040 Reno, an offline controller is needed, the 3030-PROVer Max comes with the offline controller already installed.

4th Axis
Genmitsu 4th axis rotary module realizes the A axis is used in conjunction with the X, Y and Z axes to create more complex shapes and contours in a workpiece. While a false 4th-axis system that utilizes Y-axis or X-axis movement to interact on the top centerline of the object cannot produce complex models.

Superior Performances

Enhanced accuracy with the NEMA17 Planetary Geared Stepper Motor, outperforming other belt-driven rotary modules on the market.

Precise Control

A 10:1 reduction ratio ensures precise control, delivering a minimum angle of 0.1° and a maximum angular speed of 300° per second.

Simple Length Adjustment

Quick setup of the 4th Axis Rotary Module Kit to various material lengths, ensuring optimal precision and flexibility in all your CNC projects.

Software & Controller

For 4th axis use, you need paid CAD/CAM software like Fusion 360 or Vectric and an offline controller for G-code.




Compatible CNC Machine 4040-PRO, 4040-PRO MAX, 4040 Reno, 3030-PROVer MAX CNC Router
Clamped Material Size With Tailstock Length: 10-120mm, Without Tailstock Length: 10-200mm
Clamped Material Diameter Forward Mounting: 2-22mm; Reverse Mounting: 18-50mm
Tailstock Spacing Adjustment 5 installation positions, each position spacing is 20mm, and the range of adjustment is 10-120mm.
Tailstock Center Adjustment Range 0-30mm
Direct Electric Motor NEMA17 Planetary Geared Stepper Motor
Gear Ratio 10:1
Max Rotate Speed 300°/S
Unidirectional Maximum Rotation Angle 33512 x 360°
Center Height 50mm
Size 380 x 125 x 86mm (14.96” x 4.92” x 3.39”)


Q: Which machines can this 4th axis be compatible with?

A: Currently, it can only be used on 4040-PRO, 4040-PRO MAX, 4040 Reno and 3030-PROVer MAX CNC Router and needs to work with an offline controller to send the Gcode.


Q: Is this compatible with the PROVerXL 4030?

A: No, it is a true 4th axis, offering full functionality in XYZ and A axes and it requires the appropriate control board to operate. Please choose this rotary module specifically designed for the PROVerXL 4030 machine.


Q: What is the difference between a "true" 4th axis and a "fake" one?

A: A true 4th axis is a rotary axis that allows for continuous rotation, making it possible to machine complex curves and shapes accurately. A fake 4th Axis, on the other hand, is a simple indexer that can only rotate to predetermined positions.



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