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SainSmart DSO213 4-Channels Handheld Mini Digital Oscilloscope

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Upgrade Version

DSO213 is the latest oscilloscope in the family of SainSmart DSO oscilloscope. Compared with DSO203, DSO213 upgrades its analog bandwidth to 15MHz (DSO203 is 8MHz) and max sample rate to 100MSa/s (DSO203 is 72MSa/s)

Color Display

Equipped with a 3 inch 400x240 color display, it presents any measured AC current, including sine, square, sawtooth, and triangle waveforms.  

Simple to Use

Operation is simple and easy, just like play a smartphone.


Its small form factor conveniently fits inside any pocket so it’s always ready when you need it.

Easy Saving

The built-in 8 MB flash storage makes saving and transferring waveform images easier than ever.

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The Newest Model DS213

The DS213 is an upgrade of the previous model DS203, featuring four channels and a wide 15MHz bandwidth. This portable device is a good choice for people who are always on the go. Many students and hobbyists prefer them over benchtop models which are typically heavier and more difficult to carry around.

Comes with 3-inch Display

It has a 3-inch display to study and read the information listed on the screen. The device has a bright display with a simple swipe and one-click operation just like a smartphone.

Various Waveforms

Offering the Max Sample Rate of 100 MSa/s and 4 digital channels, DSO213 is a great choice for many hobbyists out there. These features help you come with coming up with reliable results of waveforms, including sine, square, sawtooth, and triangle waveforms.


DS213 can be used as diagnostic tools to detect electronic malfunctions and are also popular in every hobbyist’s lab who likes to experiment and measure the electric current. It is suitable for people who need to work in the class, the workshop or other locations. They’re lightweight and compact enough to fit in your pocket or backpack.


DSO213 is a pocket size 4-channel digital storage oscilloscope for common electronic engineering tasks. It also provides 4 application areas, convenient for users to load and upgrade at most 4 different application firmware. Equipped with the newest ADC, the analog bandwidth is up to 15MHz and max sample rate is up to 100 MSa/s. 

  • SainSmart DSO213 Oscilloscope
  • X10 Probe Analyzer ×1
  • X1 Probe Analyzer ×1 
  • Safety Instructions ×1 
  • Hex Key ×1
Comparison between DSO213 & DSO203
Model DSO213 DSO203
ADC HWD9288 AD9288
Channels 2 analog, 2 digital 2 analog, 2 digital
Analog Bandwidth 15MHz 8MHz
Max Sample Rate 100MSa/s 72MSa/s
Maximum Memory Depth 4K 4K
Horizontal Sensitivity 100nS/Div~1S/Div(1-2-5sequence step) 0.1uS/Div~1S/Div(1-2-5sequence step)
Vertical Sensitivity 10mv/Div~10V/Div(1-2-5sequence step) 50mv/Div~10V/Div(1-2-5sequence step)
Input Resistance 1MΩ 1MΩ
Coupling DC / AC DC / AC
Auto Adjustment Mode NO NO
Calculation Waveforms -A,-B,A+B,A-B RecA,RecB,RecC -A,-B,A+B,A-B RecA,RecB,RecC
Storage  8MB USB flash disk memory  8MB USB flash disk memory
APP Installed 2 4
Operation buttons, scrollers buttons, scrollers
USB Interface Micro USB Mini USB
Battery 1000mAh 1000mAh
Screen Size 3.0inch 3.0inch
Screen Resolution 400 × 240 400 × 240
Open Source Application layer Open-Source Application layer Open-Source
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Self Help Only

Tech support is non-existent. Questions via their web site not responded to. The price was great, but you'll need to learn this yourself as support does not exist - not even the forum page.

Tom B.
United States United States
Pretty amaizing, with a few quirky limitation

I purchased this primarily to use with my Eurorack synthesizer setup. When I received it, I was surprised and the build quality. The aluminum case is a nice touch. Once I understood how it worked, I found the menuing system quite workable. Please note that this unit uses MCX connectors for the probe inputs and waveform generator output. These are typically used for RF cables and not in my opinion very easy to assemble manually, and there are not many adapter options to connectors for audio formats. I purchased exxtra scope probes and converted them to 3.5mm connectors on the scope probe end. Another quirky thing is tha *** does nto seem to save your most recent settings when it is posered doen - you have to resotre all your settings manually each time you power up. I'm hoping they will fix that with a future software update - even a manual save woud be better than no save at all. With those caveats, I can recommend this unit and give it four stars.

Morosan I.
Good product.

The device is ok for smps and audio. The connectors on the probes are not the most reliable but are usable.