Siglent SDS2074 70MHz Digital Oscilloscope 4 Channel 2GS/s 28Mpts USB 8" TFT LCD

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Siglent SDS2074 Oscilloscope, Bandwidth 70MHz, 4 Channel

Track and measure the waveform structure of four separate channels simultaneously using this high quality Siglent oscilloscope.

Part of the Siglent SDS2000 series, the SDS2074 is packed full of advanced functionality designed to give users the specific tools to interact with signals from a wide variety of inputs. It's one of the first oscilloscopes on the market to make use of innovative SPO (super phosphor oscilloscope) technology, increasing the abilities of the oscilloscope to include waveform capturing up to 110000 waveforms per second, memory depth up to 28Mpts, hardware based trigger system and support for 256 intensity grading.

Equipped as standard with a large size, 8" full colour LCD-TFT screen, the Siglent SDS2074 makes it easy to track and manage waveform inputs thanks to colour coding of each individual waveform. Ports and buttons are also colour coded for ease of use, while an extensive selection of functions are clearly labelled and assigned to buttons and rotary dials next to the large-size screen.

MSO/SDS2000 Series Digital Oscilloscope

MSO/SDS2000 Series is an advanced technology and high performance digital oscilloscope to meet customer's applications with its innovative SPO technology, powerful digital trigger function, serial decode function and logic analyzer.

Innovative SPO Technology

  • Higher waveform capture rate(Up to 110,000 wfs/s)
  • Memory depth up to 28Mpts
  • Support 256 intensity grading and color temperature waveform display
  • Hardware-based digital trigger system, lower trigger jitter and higher stability

Main Features

  • Innovative SPO technology
  • Bandwidth 70MHz,100MHz,200MHz,300MHz
  • Sample rate up to 2GSa/s
  • Smart Trigger functions: Window,Runt,Interval,DropOut,Pattern
  • Serial decode/trigger functions(12C,SPI,UART/RS232,CAN,LIN)
  • Support HDTV video trigger function
  • Hardware-based zoom function and high speed PASS/FAIL function technology
  • 32 kinds of automatic waveform measurements, support measurements statistics function
  • Built-in 25MHz function/arbitrary waveform generator
  • Advanced waveform math operations (FFT,Differential,Integral,Square root)
  • Complete connectivity:USB Host,USB Device(USBTMC,PictBridge),LAN(VXI-11), EXT TRIG,PASS/FAIL,TRIG OUT
  • Support SCPI remote control commands
  • Multi-language user interface and built-in online help system
  • 8-inch TFT LCD(800x480)

Digital Trigger function
Based on hardware technology, MSO/SDS2000 series realizes digital trigger system with its high triggering sensitivity, low trigger jitter, and supports smart trigger function, HDTV video trigger and serial trigger function.


  • Precise trigger
  • Low trigger jitter
  • High trigger sensitivity
  • Ins trigger timing
  • Configurable Noise Reject
  • High stability, not affected by temperature changes

Jitter comparison betwerrn Analog and Digital trigger


Function & Characteristics

Waveform capture rate up to 110,000 wfs/s
The higher capture rate can improve the ability of capturing abnormal event or low probability event.
Support 256 intensity grading and color temperature waveform display
Color temperature display using a color change to reflect the probability of the waveform appears
Memory Depth up to 28Mpts
The 2GSa/s, 28Mpts Configuration provides to capture a fast transient or a long acquisition.
Serial Trigger functions
The serial trigger will quickly isolate events on a bus eliminating the need to set manual triggers and hoping to catch the right info.
Serial Decode functions (Optional)
Serial protocol decoding show directly on the waveform with an intuitve, color-coded overlay and presented in binary, hex or ASCII.
Various Connectivity (USB Host & Device, LAN, EXT TRIG, TRIG OUT, PASS/FAIL)


Smart Trigger Functions

MSO/SDS2000 series support a variet of smart trigger functions, such as Window, Interval, Runt, DropOut, Pattern.

Pattern trigger
Runt trigger
Interval trigger
Window trigger
Automatic measurements which statistics
ZOOM function based on hardware technology
High speed Pass/Fail Test Function
Build Waveform Generator (Optional)

Siglent SDS2074 Product Specifications Summary:

Oscilloscopes/Digital Oscilloscopes Template

Bandwidth What's This?

70 Mhz



Sampling Rate What's This?

2 GS/S 

Memory What's This?

28 MP [megapoints] (28672 kB) 

Rise Time What's This?

5.0 ns

Screen Type (Oscilloscopes)


Screen Size

8 IN


Battery Options


Tequipment Global Attributes

Unique Features

32 Auto Measurements
8 Math Functions, including FFT (Widows: Rectangular, Blackman, Hanning, Hamming)
Input Impedance: (1MΩ±2%) || (23pF ±4pF) / 50Ω: 50Ω ±2%
Vertical Scale: 2mV/div ~ 10V/div
Horiz Time base scale 1.0ns/div ~ 50s/div
256 levels of intensity
Display formats: Y-T, Zoom, Roll, X-Y



Calibration Included

Factory Calibration

Power Supply Voltage

120V/220V Universal 

Data Logging What's This?


Interfaces I/O

LAN/Ethernet, USB Host, USB 

Product Weight


Product Height

224 MM (8.82 IN)

Product Length

352 MM (13.86 IN)

Product Width

112 MM (4.41 IN)

Shipping Weight

14 LBS

Country of Origin


Spec Sheets

Package List:

  • Siglent SDS2074 Oscilloscope
  • 1:1/10:1 Probes (4x)
  • Product Qualification Certificate
  • QuickStart Guide
  • Power Cord
  • USB Cable
  • CD (Including User Manual, Quick Start, Datasheet and EasyScope X Computer Software)