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Daniel “Danimod” describes himself as a “FPV Pilot", but we'd describe him as the most loyal friend. He is the kind of guy we want to bring along to our X Maker Series, because he is passionate about electronics and technology, and dedicates his free time to learning new thing, especially 3D printing and drone. Daniel also wonderfully highlights just why you should be a maker: the exhilaration of being creative and the feeling of accomplishment will bring happiness even it often accompanies hard work.


Last week, we were able to pull him away from his work to chat for half an hour. Here is our interview:


[SainSmart] Can you tell us a little bit about yourself and your Youtube channel?


[Daniel] Hi SainSmart and all SainSmart x Makers readers, my name is Daniel, 39 years old, from Madrid, Spain. I have a passion towards electronics and technology. I run a small maintenance service company, and when I'm not working I dedicate my free time to learn new things. The last two years, 3D printing and drones have been my focus of attention. Also, I have a YouTube channel for sharing my flight videos with my friends. I love finding new places for flying to shoot new videos and edit them with music, I enjoy a lot doing this.

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