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A stepper motor is a type of motor that moves in small, precise steps, making it ideal for CNC machines , 3D printers and other applications. However, not all stepper motors are created equal. Traditional stepper motors are open-loop systems, meaning they do not have feedback mechanisms to ensure accuracy. 



What does this really mean?

Your CNC machine or 3D printer does not have a way of knowing if its toolhead is positioned relative to the programmed coordinates and movement of the motor.


A closed-loop stepper motor, however, is a stepper motor that has a feedback mechanism to ensure its position accuracy. The feedback mechanism typically consists of an encoder that provides real-time position information to the motor controller. The motor controller compares the actual position of the motor to the desired position and adjusts the motor's movement accordingly.


Are there options?

There are three types of closed-loop control for stepper motors:

  • Step-loss compensation: This type of closed-loop control involves reactive position correction at the end of the move. It detects any step losses that may have occurred during the motion and compensates for them by adjusting the position. While this method provides basic control and can help improve positioning accuracy, it relies on detecting errors after they have occurred.
  • Load position control: With load position control, the closed-loop system continuously and in real-time corrects the position of the motor. It monitors the actual position of the motor shaft and adjusts it to match the desired position. This type of control offers more precise and accurate positioning, ensuring that the motor stays on track during the entire motion. It provides a higher level of control without requiring complex control algorithms.
  • Servo control: Servo control offers the most comprehensive level of control over stepper motors. It enables complete control of torque and position, allowing for precise and dynamic motion control. Servo control systems employ feedback mechanisms to constantly monitor and adjust the motor's position, speed, and torque, ensuring high accuracy and responsiveness. This level of control is typically used in applications where the highest level of precision and performance is required.


Closed-loop stepper motors offer several advantages over traditional open-loop stepper motors, effectively eliminating the limitations and drawbacks of their predecessors: 

  • Longer bearing service life due to less heat and vibration
  • Achieve high torque even at high rotational speeds for reduced acceleration times
  • Precise positioning through monitoring and correction


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