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[Pre-Order] 4th Axis CNC Rotary Module Kit for 4040-PRO

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4th Axis with Offline Controller
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The Genmitsu 4th Axis Rotary Module Kit is an innovative upgrade that allows your Genmitsu 4040-PRO CNC Router to carve from different angles and positions or with the right software, full 3D rotary carving. With its high-torque NEMA17 Planetary Geared Stepper Motor, 10:1 reduction ratio, and precise control capabilities, the kit enables the creation of complex parts with curved or angled features that are not achievable with a traditional 3-axis CNC machine. This drop-in upgrade opens up a world of possibilities for CNC enthusiasts looking to expand their capabilities and create more intricate shapes and contours in a workpiece.

To use the 4th axis, G-code must be sent using an offline controller, which should be ordered together with the 4th axis for proper functionality.

US Pre-order: Estimate ship from June 11. CA, EU, UK Pre-order: Estimate ship from June 15.

Enhanced 3D Caving

Genmitsu 4th axis rotary module realizes the A axis is used in conjunction with the X, Y and Z axes to create more complex shapes and contours in a workpiece. While a false 4th-axis system that utilizes Y-axis or X-axis movement to interact on the top centerline of the object cannot produce complex models.

Superior Performance

Enhanced accuracy with the NEMA17 Planetary Geared Stepper Motor, outperforming other belt-driven rotary modules on the market.

Precise Control

A 10:1 reduction ratio ensures precise control, delivering a minimum angle of 0.1° and a maximum angular speed of 300° per second.

Simple Length Adjustment

Quick setup of the 4th Axis Rotary Module Kit to various material lengths, ensuring optimal precision and flexibility in all your CNC projects.

Software & Controller

For 4th axis use, you need paid CAD/CAM software like Fusion 360 or Vectric and an offline controller for G-code.


  • Model: Genmitsu 4th Axis Rotary Module
  • Compatible CNC Machine: Genmitsu 4040-PRO CNC Router
  • Clamped Material Size: With Tailstock Length: 10-120mm, Without Tailstock Length: 10-200mm
  • Clamped Material Diameter: Forward Mounting: 2-22mm; Reverse Mounting: 18-50mm
  • Tailstock Spacing Adjustment: 5 installation positions, each position spacing is 20mm, and the range of adjustment is 10-120mm.
  • Tailstock Center Adjustment Range: 0-30mm
  • Direct Electric Motor: NEMA17 Planetary Geared Stepper Motor
  • Gear Ratio: 10:1
  • Max Rotate Speed: 300°/S
  • Unidirectional Maximum Rotation Angle: 33512 x 360°
  • Center Height: 50mm
  • Size: 380 x 125 x 86mm (14.96” x 4.92” x 3.39”)




Q: Which machines can this 4th axis be compatible with?

A: Currently, it can only be used on 4040-PRO CNC Router and needs to work with an offline controller to send the Gcode.


Q: Is this compatible with the PROVerXL 4030?

A: No, it is a true 4th axis, offering full functionality in XYZ and A axes and it requires the appropriate control board to operate. We are actively working on developing a 4th axis specifically designed for the PROVerXL 4030 machine.


Q: What is the difference between a "true" 4th axis and a "fake" one?

A: A true 4th axis is a rotary axis that allows for continuous rotation, making it possible to machine complex curves and shapes accurately. A fake 4th Axis, on the other hand, is a simple indexer that can only rotate to predetermined positions.