5-Animal Pack CNC & Laser Patterns by makeCNC workshop, C02

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Limited time offer: Enjoy the promotional price of $20 for this 5-Animal CNC & Laser pattern set!

This Animal Pack includes the following designs


  •    Kodiak Bear (Grizzly)
  •    Northern Giraffe
  •    Sable Antelope
  •    Savanna WartHog
  •    South China Tiger


Comes in 3 mm and 1/8 Inch Slot Size 

  • CDR Files, DXF Files, SVG Formats
  • Color Assembly Guide in PDF format
  • Number Guide to Assist Assembly

Designed to easily fit the SainSmart 3018 series or Larger CNC Router

No Part is larger than 250 mm x 150 mm or 9.9 Inches x 6 Inches

You will receive an email with the above deliverable. Sale is final once the digital files are emailed.

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This pattern is a collaboration between SainSmart and makeCNC Workshops to bring you an all new series of Patterns designed especially for your SainSmart 3018 CNC router and laser.

Enjoy a limited time promotion - $30 off this 5-Animal bundle of five amazing designs.

Each unique pattern comes with an assembly guide with both 3D images and number guide to make is easy to assemble the model once cut out.

Each set of Drawings has been made into separate sheets to fit your machine perfectly. This will allow you to create the Gcode and just run the file.

We will also be creating a series of videos to guide you through the process step by step and get you up and running right away with your 3018 CNC Router and Laser.

Sales of digital patterns are final and non-refundable.

You will receive an email within 36 hours including the digital package below.

Each digital package includes

  1. An assembly guide in PDF format
  2. DXF vector drawings in both laser and Router versions to open easily in your CADCAM software
  3. SVG Vector drawings in both laser and Router versions to open easily in your CADCAM software

All file come in both metric and inch formats

The C02 Animal Pack includes the following designs

  • Kodiak Bear (Grizzly)
  • Northern Giraffe
  • Sable Antelope
  • Savanna WartHog
  • South China Tiger

Happy CNCing & Lasering!