ATTEN ATF20B DDS Signal Function Waveform Generator 20MHz 100MSa/s

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ATFxxB series Function generator uses Direct Digital Synthesis (DDS)technology. Its outstanding performance and system features make it a perfect solution for your testing requirement. The simplified and optimized design of the front panel and dual-language (English/Chinese)TFT display interface make your testing much easier for operation and observation. Additionally, the extendable optional functions can also improve your system characteristics.


  • Direct Digital Synthesis(DDS) technology, 2 independent output channels
  • 3.5-inch TFT LCD display
  • High Frequency Resolution: full-range resolution is 40 MHz
  • Store 40 sets of the user parameters and recall
  • 32 kinds of standard or build-in fixed waveforms
  • Minimum stable output waveform: 1mV(50)
  • Multiple modulation functions: FM, FSK, ASK, PSK
  • Frequency sweep, amplitude sweep and burst functions
  • Count the frequency, period, amplitude RMS value or peak-to-peak value
  • Over-voltage, over-current, output short-circuit and reverse voltage protections
  • High reliability: use VLSI components and surface mount technology
  • Power Amplifier: optional part, maximum output power up to 7W
  • Optional configurations: RS232 interface, Frequency Counter, Power Amplifier

General Characteristics:

  • Power Supply: AC220V (1±10%) / AC110V (1±10%) (Pay attention to the voltage selection on rear panel)
  • Frequency:50Hz (1±5%)
  • Power Consumption: < 45VA
  • Operating Temperature: 0°C to +40°C
  • Operating Humidity: 80% R.H
  • Operation Characteristics: Keypad operation and rotary knob operation
  • Dimensions: 415mm x 295mm x 195mm
  • Display: TFT display, 320*240
  • Weight: 3.5kg

Output A Characteristics:


Waveform type 32 kinds, such as Sine, Square, Triangle, Pulse etc

Waveform length 1024 points

Sample rate 100 MSa/s

Vertical resolution 8 bits

Harmonic rejection (sine) 40dBc (< 1MHz), 35dBc (1MHz~20MHz)

Total distortion(sine) 1% (20Hz ~ 200kHz)

Rise/fall time of square 35ns

Overshoot 10%

Square duty cycle 1% ~ 99%


Frequency range 40mHz ~ max. frequency(sine) , 40mHz ~1MHz(other waveforms)

Frequency Resolution 40mHz

Frequency Accuracy ± (50ppm+ 40mHz)


Amplitude range :2mVpp ~ 20Vpp 40mHz~10MHz (high impedance)

2mVpp ~ 15Vpp 10MHz~15MHz (high impedance)

2mVpp ~ 8Vpp 15MHz~20MHz (high impedance)

Amplitude Resolution :20mVpp (amplitude>about 2 Vpp),

2mVpp (amplitude<about 2Vpp)

Amplitude Accuracy ± (1%+2mVrms)( high impedance,1kHz,sine)

Amplitude Flatness ±5% (<10MHz), ±10% (>10MHz)

Amplitude stability ± 0.5%/ 3 hours

Output impedance 50


Offset Range ±10V (high impedance, attenuation 0dB)

Offset Resolution 20mVdc

Offset accuracy ±(1% + 20mVdc)


Sweep Type Linear sweep or frequency or amplitude

Sweep range free to set the start and stop points

Sweep step larger than any figure of the resolution

Sweep rate 10ms~60s/step

Sweep mode Up, Down, Up-Down, Single


FSK free to set the carrier and hop frequency

ASK free to set the carrier and hop amplitude

PSK Hop Phase: 0 ~ 360°, Max. resolution: 1°

Alternate rate 10ms ~ 60s


Burst count 1~65000 cycles

Burst mode internal, external, single

TTL Output Characteristics:


Waveform rise/fall time 20ns (square)

Frequency 40mHz ~ 1MHz

Amplitude TTL,CMOS compatible, low level <0.3V,high level >4V