Zigbee wireless serial port server, ZLAN9503

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The other is Ethernet (TCP/IP) converting to Zigbee for Model ZLAN9503, can make Zigbee connected Internet.

The 9500/9503 products can be configured to relative link, as point-to-point communication or broadcast mode, also as point to multipoint mode. Can constitute star type and MESH network structure. The configuration can be done through serial port.

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  • Building /Entrance /Door /Security Control System
  • Power /Electronic /Intelligent Instrument
  • Bank /Medical Automation System
  • Industrial Automation System
  • Point-of-sale System (POS)
  • Information Household Appliances


1) Long distance Zigbee communication solution, high performance, high stability. The communication distance can be up to 2km.
2) Big data transmission no packet loss. Duplex transmission under 38400bps the data doesn’t loss packet and no pause, data smoothness.
3) ZLAN9503 has multi-function of Zigbee to Ethernet, realize Zigbee to TCP/IP, can be configured as TCP server, TCP client, UDP mode and so on. Equipped with Windows virtual serial port and device managing tool ZLVircom, can support virtual serial port.
4) The networking mode of Zigbee is flexible, can have many types: realizing point-to-point, point-to-multipoint; having center node, no center node; star network, mesh network, peer-to-peer network.
5) Network capacity is larger, 16 channel optional, 65535 network ID can be freely set.
6) 6 kinds of LED lights separately indicate data flow direction, TCP/IP network status, Zigbee signal and connection state, intuitively response equipment status.
  • 1x  ZLAN9503 Zigbee Wireless Serial Port Server RS232/485/422/Ethernet to ZigBee