Digital 400W DC-DC 8V-80V Step-up Constant Voltage Current boost Converter

brand: SainSmart SKU: 101-60-183

This is Digital 400W DC-DC 8V-80V Step-up Constant Voltage Current boost Converter

  • Constant Current and voltage output.
  • Advanced microprocessor,
  • Use button precisely regulated output voltage, current
  • 4 bit high brightness LED, real-time display output voltage, current , you can manually switch shown , can also be set auto rotate
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    • Input voltage : 6V -40V
    • Input Current: 15A(max)
    • Output voltage : 8V -80V(adjustable)
    • Output power:400W(max)
    • Output current: maximum output current of 10A ( adjustable )
    • Output power: the effective power P = input voltage V x10A
    • Conversion efficiency: up to 95% ( input voltage, current; output voltage and current impact of conversion efficiency )
    • Short circuit protection : Fuse
    • Size :85*75*64mm
    • Weight :295g



    • 1.DIY an output adjustable power supply, only need to enter the access 6v,12V.24v .36v power supply or battery can be (14V-80V) free continuous adjustment, but the output voltage can not be lower than the input voltage.
    • 2 universal car laptop power supply. Input connected to 12V power supply, the output voltage can be adjusted to the notebook need work.
    • 3.Boost charger with 12V power supply is higher than 12V battery charging, for example, 24V battery and charging current can be adjusted.
    • 4.For electronic equipment power supply, as long as the voltage regulator to the required voltage and current does not exceed the rated current is normal.
    •  1x Digital Led 400W 10A DC Step-up constant voltage current boost Converter 8V-80V