Ethernet to RS232 Serial Port TTL TCP/IP RJ45 Converter Module, ZLSN3

brand: SainSmart SKU: 101-70-400 Variants ID: 50371732436

ZLSN3003S is an embedded TTL level to Ethernet module with RJ45 Ethernet port, can achieve transparent transmission of TTL level serial data and TCP/IP/UDP data, help user MCU realize connecting to network through serial port.

ZLSN3003S is a functional embedded converting module for Ethernet and serial data, it’s internally integrated TCP/IP protocol stack, user can easily complete networking function of embedded devices by using it, can save human and material resources as well development time to launch the products into market faster.


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  • VCC3ï¼?DC typical 3.3V, min 3.15, max 3.45 V, suitable for 3.3V SCM.
  • VCC5ï¼?DC typical 5V, min 4.5V, max 5.5V, suitable for 5V SCM.
  • Module current: high-speed module max 170 mA, low-speed module max 140mA.
  • Work temp.: -40~85 °C.


  • 1x  ZLSN3 TTL TCP/IP RJ45 Converter Module