JDS6600 Digital Control DDS Signal Generator | 60 MHz

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  • Arbitrary Waveform Generator adopts large scale FPGA integrated circuit and high-speed MCU microprocessor. The internal circuit adopts active crystal oscillator as a benchmark. So the signal stability is greatly strengthened.
  • Using Dual-channel DDS signal and TTL electric level output to generate precise, stable, low distortion output signal. includes Sine wave, Square wave, Triangle wave, Sawtooth wave, Pulse wave, white noise, user-defined waveform, etc. each channel can be independently set the parameters.
  • With linear sweep(Max. up to 999.9s) and logarithmic frequency sweep functions.Has a frequency measurement, period measurement, positive and negative pulse width measurement, and counting function.
  • Storage feature: You can store 99 groups instrument state parameters set by the user, can be called up to Reproduce. The frequency output of the Sine wave can be up to 60MHz. 200MSa/s sampling rate. It has 60 positions for saving user-defined waveform. Waveform Length of each one is 2048 and vertical resolution is 14 bits
  • This Signal Generator is the ideal instrument for electronic engineering, laboratories, production lines, teaching, and scientific research.
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High-frequency precision up to 10-6 orders of magnitude. 
Full range of 0.01μHz frequency resolution. 
Minimum amplitude resolution can be up to 1mV. 
Duty cycle of each channel can be adjusted separately. Precision can be 0.1%.

Frequency Characteristic:
Sine frequency range: 0~60MHz
Square & Triangle Wave: 0~15MHz
Pulse & Arbitrary & TTL Digital Signal Wave: 0~6MHz
Square rise time: ≤15nS
Pulse width adjustment range: 30nS~4000S
Frequency accuracy: ±20ppm×10-6
Frequency stability: ±1ppm×10-6/3h

Waveform Characteristic:
Waveform: Sine, Square, Triangle, Pulse (duty-cycle correction), Partial Sine, CMOS, DC level, Half-wave, Full-Wave, Pos-Ladder, Neg-Ladder, Noise, Exponential Rise, Exponential Fall, Tone, Sinc Pulse, Lorentz Pulse, and 60 kinds user-defined waveform. 

Output Characteristics:
Amplitude resolution: 1mV
Amplitude stability: ±0.5%/5 h
Amplitude flatness: ±5%(<10MHz); ±10%(>10MHz)

Frequency Meter Function: 
Frequency measurement range: 1Hz~100MHz
Measurement accuracy: Gate time continuously adjusted between 0.01S~10s

Counter Function:
Counting region: 0-4294967295
Coupled mode: 2kinds Coupling modes, DC and AC
Counting mode: Manual operation

Package Included:

1 x DDS Signal Generator
1 x USB Cable
1 x Power Adapter
2 x Q9 Cable
1 x CD