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Micsig MDP1500 High Voltage Differential Probe Kit, 3.5ns Rise Time 10X/100X Attenuation Rate Oscilloscope Probe Kit Accessory, 1500V 100MHz

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  • Cutting-Edge Technology: Originating from Micsig’s advanced SigOFIT technology, this probe offers a very low noise floor, excellent amplitude-frequency characteristics, and an industry-leading common mode rejection capability.
  • High Accuracy: The MDP series probe has superior bandwidth flatness, with amplitude fluctuation less than 0.5dB within its half bandwidth range, ensuring high accuracy even in high frequency bands
  • User-Friendly Features: With a 5MHz Bandwidth Limit, Quick Zero function, and Dual Range Selection feature, this probe is designed for user convenience and flexibility.
  • Versatile Compatibility: The standard BNC interface allows it to work with any oscilloscope, making it a versatile addition to your toolkit.
  • Compact Design & Over-Range Alert: Much smaller than other differential probes, this sleek device also includes an over-range alert with an LED indicator and buzzer for added safety.

Compact & Exquisite Design

The Micsig MDP Series High-Voltage Differential Probe stands out with its compact and exquisite design. Significantly smaller than traditional differential probes, this device offers a sleek form factor without compromising on functionality. Its sophisticated design is a testament to the attention to detail and quality that goes into every Micsig product. This compact and stylish probe is not just a tool, but a statement of professionalism and efficiency.


High Accuracy & High CMRR

This device boasts high input impedance and low input capacitance, minimizing load effect and significantly improving the accuracy of the differential signal. Its high common mode rejection capability makes it ideal for floating measurements of large common mode voltage at high frequencies.

CH1: @ 100KHz, 207.7V, output common mode signal amplitude 94.62mV, CMRR > -60dB


Low Noise

his device is designed to minimize noise, ensuring clear and accurate readings every time. When the input ends are short-circuited and connected to CH1, with both attenuation ratios set at 50X, a vertical scale at 250mV/div, a time base at 1ms, and an input impedance of 1MΩ, the noise floor observed is remarkably low.

* Noise: 40.62mV (RMS) at full bandwidth



  1. Calibrate the probe before use: Short-circuit the input ends, power on, press the “Zero” button, and 5MHz LED light flashes, after hearing a “Di” sound, means calibration succeeded; if hearing a “Di Di Di” sound, means calibration failed and needs to be calibrated again;
  2. Recommend to use on ≥100MHz bandwidth oscilloscope, and input impedance≥1MΩ.
  3. Recommend use after 10 mins warm-up to get more accurate results.
  4. When the Range LED indicator flashes and beeps rapidly, indicating an Over voltage warning, please switch to a higher range.


  • Floating measurements
  • High voltage isolation measurements
  • Switching power supply design
  • Power converter design
  • Inverter, UPS power supply
  • Welding, electroplating power supply
  • Electronic ballast design
  • Motor drive design
  • Induction heating, induction cooker


Model MDP1500
Bandwidth 100MHz
Differential Voltage Max 150V (50X), 1500V (500X)
CMRR DC: >-80dB; 100kHz: >-60dB; 10MHz: >-30dB; 100MHz: >-26dB
Input impedance 16MΩ / 1.5pF( differential); 8MΩ / 3pF( each input to ground)