Brand: Micsig SKU: 101-10-STO2002A

Micsig Oscilloscope STO2002, Portable Tablet Storage Oscilloscope

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  • High Performance: The STO2002 features a 200MHz bandwidth, 2 analog channels, 1G Sa/s sampling rate, and a rapid rise time of ≤1.75ns for precise and fast signal analysis.
  • 8-inch touch screen: Featuring the world's first Android-based operating system, the Smart STO2002 has 3 operating modes including full touch, physical buttons and a hybrid mode for flexibility and ease of use.
  • 70Mpts Memory Depth: Hardware-based Zoom technology and up to 70Mpts memory depth, allow users to move and browse waveforms for much easier and quickly zoom in to focus on the interested area.
  • 31 Auto Measurements: All 31 types of automatic measurements can be displayed on one screen, one touch to clear, the best auto measurement on the market.
  • Portable & Benchtop: Built-in 7500mAh Li-ion battery support 5h long field work, Power-off lock secure safety to carry and store; Triangle link rear stand make sure it sits on the bench solidly.

Oscilloscope STO2002

Bandwidth Filter

The High Pass / Low Pass filter function helps engineers rule out insignificant frequency so as to eliminate interference and observe the true state of the signal.


Channel Label

When measuring on multiple channels, users can have different labels for different sources to facilitate observation and reading.


Color Temperature

Under the Color Temperature display, the trace occurrence is represented by different colors as opposed to changes in the intensity of one color. Red colors represent more frequently occurred events, while the blue represents less frequent ones.


High Waveform Update Rate

Waveform update rate up to 130,000 wfms/s, the STO1000 series can easily capture unusual or low probability events.


Powerful Trigger Functions

Support Edge, Pulse, Logic, N Edge, Runt, Slope, Timeout, Video and Serial trigger, most intuitive trigger, fast trigger source switching.


Serial Bus Decoding

Support UART, LIN, CAN, I²C, SPI serial bus decodings, display waveform, and data at the same time.


Universal Probe Interface (UPI)

Micsig UPI, which directly powers Micsig DP750 series differential probes or similar probes from other brands.

Integrated Control Panel

Innovative multifunction navigation buttons, deliver quick and accurate control.

Large 32GB Internal Storage

Allow users to store and access mass files, such as waveforms, screenshots, and recorded videos.

Remote Control

Support PC software + Mobile phone App (Android / iOS) remote control via connections of Wi-Fi, USB, able to access internet for an online upgrade, it also can be projected through HDMI port for demonstrations for training and education purpose.


Oscilloscope STO2002