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MINIWARE ES15 Smart Motion Mini Electric Screwdriver

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Dual Modes & 4 Working States The ES15 Electric Screwdriver supports Smart Motion Control Mode & Directional Mode. In Smart Motion Control Mode, it only takes a small turn of the wrist to freely engage forward or reverse. You also can switch between Forward or Reverse in Directional Mode. In addition, this upgraded version adds a manual mode. If the screw cannot be unscrewed in the electric mode, you can unscrew manually.

High-Performance Power Core This mini electric screwdriver is equipped with a coreless motor, which has a fast start brake, and reliable operation stability. The highest speed is up to 470rpm/min, electronic torque up to 0.16N.m, and manual torque up to 2N.m. Compact and powerful, perfect for daily tasks and projects.

Large Capacity Battery A Built-in 800mah large capacity battery ensures this screwdriver can work continuously for up to 6 hours (no-load). Equipped with an Intelligent Battery Management System that can automatically monitor battery power. It will start battery protection when low on power, which ensures longer battery life and durability for long time storage.

Torque Impact & Anti-Stuck Customized impact function simulates the working mode of an impact screwdriver. Ensure that each screw is accurately in place. Anti-Stuck Function is specially designed for hexagon socket screws. The bit automatically makes fine adjustments, preventing the stick from being too tight.

Compact Design Shadowless LED Light can be turned on/off as needed. The display area OLED Screen increased 30%, which is clearer and more vivid. The whole body is made of high quality 304 stainless steel.


Dual Modes & 4 Working States    ▼

Smart Motion Control Mode

Intelligent somatosensory recognition. A small turn of the wrist to freely switch between forward and reverse.

Directional Mode

Directional Mode can be customized forward and reverse. Directional Forward is great for tightening multiple screws at a time.
Directional Reverse is great for large numbers of disassembly to save time and effort.

Manual Mode

If a screw is stuck, you can unscrew manually. After the screw is loosened, then use the electric mode to finish the job.

Multiplicate Function    ▼

Adjustable Speed and Sensitivity

3 Gears of adjustable speed and sensitivity. The rotating speed will increase step by step with higher gears of sensitivity.

Torque Impact & Anti-Stuck

When the impact function is ON, the screwdriver will make a torque impact on the screw every time tightening a screw. Ensure that each screw is accurately in place. Anti-Stuck Function is specially designed for hexagon socket screws, it will automatically fine adjust every time the screw is tightened.

Built-in Smart Chip

Built with Smart Chip & e-Design Developed DFU Software. Connect to the computer via data cable to upgrade firmware and optimize the APP.

User-friendly Design    ▼

Shadowless LED Light can be turned on/off as needed. Effectively illuminate the work area. The display area of the OLED Screen increased 30%, which is clearer and more vivid. USB-C charging type, more convenient.

Charging Time: 50 minutes (Note: This package does not include a charger and cable, please choose a DC5V charger and USB-C cable when you charge.) Size: Length:146mm, Diameter: 19mm


  • Screen: 32*128dpi OLED
  • Bit Specification: Compatible with 4mm hexagon and 800 bits
  • Manual torque: (manual mode)
  • Electronic torque:
  • Idling Speed: 470rpm
  • Battery Capacity: 800mAh
  • Charing Time: 50minutes
  • Working Time: 6hours (No load)
What's included?
  • 1x Motion Control Electric Screwdriver ES15
  • 24x S2 Screwdriver Bits
  • 1x Safety Instructions

Compare with the old version

Model ES15 ES121 ES120
Motor Type Coreless Motor Carbon Brush Motor Carbon Brush Motor
Gear Box 1:64 reduction gear motor 1:64 integrated planetary gearbox 1:144 integrated planetary gearbox
Load Free Speed 470RPM 380RPM 170RPM
Maximum Torque, (manual)
Battery 800mAh, 14500 lipo 300mAh, 10440 lipo 300mAh, 10440 lipo
Working Time 6 Hours (Load-Free) 0.5 Hours (Load-Free) 0.5 Hours (Load-Free)
Display Screen 32*128 OLED 16*96 OLED 16*96 OLED
Compatible Bits 4mm hex shank & 800 types 1/8" shank 4mm hex shank 4mm hex shank
LED Lighting Yes No No
Charging Port USB Type C Micro USB Micro USB
Overall Length 146mm 131mm 131mm