Motion Control 4-Axis Robotic Arm

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This set includes a BWT901CL gyroscope as a remote control. This accelerometer gyroscope can control the servos to rotate to different angles, so as to control X, Y, Z axis movement of the robot arm.

  • 【Motion control】With BWT901CL accelerometer gyroscope, the robotic arm can be controlled by your hand.
  • 【Servo control】4-axis robotic arm is controlled by MG995 and SG90 servos
  • 【Programmable】it is programmed via Arduino micro-controller. We provide basic testing code, and you also can writer your own codes and make it unique for yourselves.

BWT901CL accelerometer gyroscope:
  • Chip: MPU9250
  • Input voltage: 3V-6V 
  • Consumption current: typical 20mA 
  • Volume: 25.4mm X 25.4mm 
  • Measuring : Attitude angle: 3 axis Acceleration: 3 Axis Angular Velocity: 3 Axis Magnetic 
  • Range: Acceleration: ± 16g, angular velocity: ± 2000 ° / s. 
  • The data output frequency can reach 200Hz 
  • Data Interface:Serial port of bluetooth, Serial (TTL level), I2C . 
  • Baud rate (baud rate deault 115200kps). 
  • Provide single-chip analytical sample code. 
  • With GPS connectivity. Acceptable in line with NMEA-0183 standard GPS data 
  • 4 way expansion port for analog input and digital input and output 
Note:Angle of Z axis will be accurate because of adding magnetic field correction .Requiring the magnetic unaffected.
4-axis Robotic Arm:

Arduino Controller Specifications:

  • Digital I/O port 0~13
  • Analog I/O port 0~5
  • Support USB interface protocol and power supply
  • Support ISP download function
  • Support singlechip TX/RX terminals
  • Support USB to TTL TX/RX terminals
  • Support AREF terminals
  • Support 6 PWM terminals
  • Input voltage: USB power supply or external 7-12V DC input
  • Output voltage: 5V DC output/3.3V DC and external power input
  • Adopts Atmel Atmega328P-PU
  • Size: 70*54mm


    MG995 55g Servo Specifications:

    • Size: 40.7x19.7x42.9mm
    • Working torque: 13kg/cm
    • Respond rotation speed: 53-62R/M
    • Working temperature: -30~+60 C
    • Dead zone: 4ms
    • Plug: JR, Tutaba
    • Rotation angle: 180 degree
    • Analog sero
    • Working current: 100mA
    • Working voltage: 3-7.2V
    • Metal gear, coreless motor, two ball bearing
    • Operation speed: 0.17s/60degree(4.8V); 0.13S/60degree(6.0V)


      SG90 9G servo specifications:

      • Size: 23x12.2x29mm
      • Weight: 9g
      • Working torque: 1.6kg/cm
      • Respond rotation speed: 0.12-0.13s/60degree
      • Working temperature: -30~+60 C
      • Dead zone: 5ms
      • Plug: JR, Tutaba
      • Rotation angle: 180 degree
      • Analog sero
      • Working current: 100mA
      • Working voltage: 3.5-6V
      • Metal gear
      SainSmart UNO R3:



      Operating Voltage


      Input Voltage (recommended)      


      Input Voltage (limits)


      Digital I/O Pins

       14 (of which 6 provide PWM output)

      Analog Input Pins


      DC Current per I/O Pin

       40 mA

      DC Current for 3.3V Pin

       50 mA

      Flash Memory

       32 KB (ATmega328) of which 0.5 KB used by bootloader    


       2 KB (ATmega328)


       1 KB (ATmega328)

      Clock Speed

       16 MHz

      • 1x SainSmart UNO R3 Board
      • 1x 4-Axis Robotic Arm
      • 1x MB-102 830 Solderless Breadboard
      • 1x JY901 9-axis Accelerometer Gyroscope
      • 2x 30cm Female to Male Jumper Wire (10PCS for each)
      • 1x 30cm Male to Male Jumper Wire (10PCS for each)