MT-1 LCD Display Remote Meter For Duo Battery Solar Charge Controller with 10 Meters Wire

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Remote digital display for the 10Amp/20Amp Duo- Battery Solar Charge Controller. Ideal for monitoring and display current solar system status. Displays both solar voltage and battery voltage as well as charging current and load current. Shows Amp-Hour and Watt-Hour charge accumulation as well as percentage the batteries are charged. Easy to use and program and is ideal for a quick system check. Wall mounting board, can be mounted in or on the wall.

The digital Remote Meter displays system operating information, error indications, and self-diagnostics read-out. Information is displayed on a backlit LCD display. The large numerical display and icons are easy to read and large buttons make navigating the meter menus easy.The MT-1 connects to the RJ45 port on the controller

The two LED indicators above the LCD show that battery is charging, and a red indicates error conditions.The LCD has two different brightness levels. After any button is pressed the display will be in high brightness and backlight. To save power, the backlight automatically turns off after 30 seconds.


* Rated voltage: 12V
* Min voltage (suggested): 8.0V
* Strong backlight on: <23mA
* Low backlight on: <20mA
* Backlight and LED indicator off: <17mA
* Operation temperature: -40C ~ +60C
* LCD operation temperature: -10C ~ +40C
* Humidity: 0-100%
* Communication cable: RJ45(8PIN), 10 meter