New ATTEN AT 858D 220V SMD Hot Rework Digital Station Air Solder Blower Gun 220V UK

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New ATTEN AT 858D 858D SMD Hot Rework Digital Station Air Solder Blower Gun  Standard:UK

Function Characteristic :

  • The sensor closed path, microcomputer zero crossing triggering controls warm, LED demonstrated that the power is formidable, the elevation of temperature is rapid, temperature precise stable, Not amount of wind influence.
  • The air current may adjust, the amount of wind is formidable, and the wind is gentle, the temperature control is convenient, suitably in multiple functions.
  • The system establishment automatic cold wind function, may lengthen the heating device service life.
  • The fuselage exquisite, is durable, is artistic.
  • Uses the original installation import not to brush the electrical machinery, the life is extremely long, the noise is minimum,
  • Ues the high quality heating element the efficiency to be possible to enhance one time under the same power, but lengthens, heating element's working life effectively and saves energy Source.

Technical Parameter:

  • Input voltage: 220 VAC ±10% 50 Hz
  • Power dissipation: 700W (watt)
  • Temperature demonstration: LED demonstrated
  • Air current way: Supple gentle breeze output
  • Air blower type: Not brushes the air blower
  • Air current quantity: 120 L/minutes (max)
  • Temperature range: 100?-- 450?
  • Accommodation mode: Top and bottom pressed key (temperature) Along counter clockwise knob (amount of wind)
  • Noise: <45dB (decibel)
  • Handle length: 120 cm (including transmission wire length)
  • Size: 13.8×10×15 mm (H×W×L)

Package List:

  • 1x ATTEN AT 858D
  • 1x Hot air gun handle
  • 1x Handle stand
  • 3x Nozzles