Brand: SainSmart

SainSmart PD-002 Magnetic V-Block with On Off Switch

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Application: It can be attached to metal surfaces and workpieces of various shapes for light machining. Ideal for scribing, grinding, measuring and machining round or irregular shaped items.

Easy to Use: The upper, lower and 90°V-channel surface of this block has the magnetic attraction that is easily controlled with an ON/OFF switch.

Smooth Contact Surface: All contact surfaces of the magnetic V-blocks are precisely ground flat and smooth for measuring or machining accuracy.

Overall Dimensions: 2.36” L x 2.76" W x 2.83" H.

Magnetic on 3 Sides: V-shaped slope 110lbf, top plane 132lbf, bottom 176lbs Max Pull

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V' Blocks, Ideal for holding cylindrical and other complex workpieces for marking, spark erosion, grinding and measurement. Magnetic on 3 Sides including the top, bottom, V-channel. Quickly engages / releases magnet at the same time by the toggle switch. Securing the base to any flat ferrous surface and securing the workpiece to the holding area, Length: 2.36", Width: 2.76", Height: 2.83”, Weight: 3.53lb.


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1x SainSmart Magnetic V-Block