Brand: SainSmart

Pure Morning P3 Air Quality Monitor

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This is SainSmart new PM2.5 detector. It is pocket-sized, very convenient to carry and measure the ari quality around you. This device can measure PM, HCHO and CO2. Besides, this detector can be programmed and revise the interface according to your preference. We will offer firmware update.


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  1. The air quality Monitor should not be put in the environment with fumes, smoke,humidifier, alhol and chemicals etc., which may lead to abnormal display.
  2. The Monitor is compatible with standard android USB cable. 5V/1A mobilecharger/portable power/computer USB is recommended for charging. The power indication is displayed at the right top when you turn on the Monitor. The LED light at the back will flash to indicate when the Monitor is turned off. 100/75/50/25% corresponds to 4/3/2/1 flash respectively.
  3. Hold down the button to turn on/off the Monitor; Switch to HOME page by one click; Call and switch to curve interface by double click; Switch backlight by triple click. The curve will be displayed again full screen display for sixteen minutes. The axis of the curve will be adjusted automatically, the color of the curve represents the Air Quality Index (AQI).
  4. The Monitor will switch to energy-saving mode after unplugged operation for 10 minutes. The monitor will dim automatically. Exit energy-saving mode by one/double/triple click.
  5. Formaldehyde(HCHO) is measured in μg/m³. It can be switched to the national standard unit mg/m³ by dividing 1000. ”USAQI â€?represents the American Standard AQI.
  6. If the B3x monitor can’t switch on ,it need be reset, there is 2 way :
  • 1) software reset:install monitor driver on your windows computer,then connect monitor to computer by a micro usb cable,and monitor will be reset.
  • 2) hardware reset:find the white battery socket with 2-pin on monitor PCB,and short 2-pin by some metal objects (such as a key),then charge the monitor , monitor will be reset.
  • 1x SainSmart PM 2.5 Detector