Remote Network IO Controller Ethernet RS485 Communication Converter, ZLAN6042

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ZLAN6042, ZLAN6002, ZLAN6032 remote IO controller is an intelligent device of digital input output and analog quantity input based on Ethernet or RS485. The remote IO controller can conveniently connect to Ethernet and 485 bus to realize accessing TCP connection, RS485 and webpage. ZLAN6042, ZLAN6002, ZLAN6032 are the ideal choices for user realizing remote control and data acquisition.

ZLAN6042: Based on Ethernet transmission, support Modbus TCP to Modbus RTU, support virtual serial port, can monitor 4 channels digital input, 2 channels analog quantity input and control 4 channels relay output at the same time. The remote IO control and data acquisition use Modbus TCP protocol or Modbus RTU protocol.
It can be applied to: 

  • building/e-guard system/security system; 
  • industry automation system; 
  • Intellig
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  • ZLAN6042/ ZLAN6032 are equipped freely with our Windows Virtual Serial & Device Management Tool ZLVirCom. It supports virtual serial and searching device or modifying parameters with ZLVircom.
  • Provide device management library (Window DLL library). It will help user to develop program with VC, VB, Delphi, C++ Builder. User need only use read or write function to communicate with ZLAN6042/ZLAN6032.
  • ZLAN6032 has embedded Web server, can control IO, collect IO and AI voltage through web.
  • ZLAN6042/ ZLAN6032 support DHCP, solve IP management and IP conflict problem.
  • ZLAN6042/ ZLAN6032 support DNS, can realize communication through domain name.
  • ZLAN6042/ ZLAN6032 support 100 TCP connections communicate with network module.
  • ZLAN6042/ ZLAN6032 have hight cost performance.
  • ZLAN6042/ ZLAN6032 2KV ESD Ethernet port protection.
  • 4 Digitial input: Passive swicth (dry node) Active power level (wet node, low level voltage is 0~3V; high level votalge is 8~24V, measuring in 24V power)
  • 2 Anolog quantity input: different input method corresponding to different sub-models. Voltage signal input: 0~5V or 0~10V. Current signal input: 4~20mA. Resistant input: 0~10k or resistant type temperature/ humidity sensor and so on.
  • 4 digital output. relay output(5A@AC250V/DC 30V)


  • 1x ZLAN6042 Remote network IO controller